Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (Episode 12 and 13)

“Yin Meng”

Everything started from a dream

And is destroyed by the dream.

Lanzhou earth was inhabited by two winged clans. A hundred years ago, the two clans went on endless expeditions. the battles between them raged on continuously leaving the humans in a terrible situation. Finally, Yu Huang was the one to sign a lasting cease-fire agreement. But then both sides realized, if they wanted to keep Lanzhou earth peaceful for another hundred years the balance of power for both parties involved must comply with the same supreme principle


“I don’t know myself. I once thought that I would never tell these words to anyone”

Y Fuling smiles at him. She had never thought she could actually become friends with him. Feng Tianyi doesn’t look her way and whispers

“Just friends?”

Yi Fuling stares at him unable to say anything.


Yu Huanzheng show Ji Shu where he stays, He introduces himself and mentions Yi Fuling. Yu Huanzheng looks at him surprised and asks him how is he alive.


Feng Tianyi enters his palace and noticed his servants changed. Angered, he finds the Order of the Golden feather gone. It was left by his royal father and could command the imperial guards. Feng Tianyi sighs in frustration as it is the last card he could use to deal with Feng Reng.


Yi Fuling, finds Feng Reng in her courtyard. This time he introduces himself as Nan Feng a palace musician. He came to give her a zither, Yi Fuling apologizes for her behavior and asks her to play a tune.

“Within the wind, there are bells lightly ringing.

Wind chimes.

But afterwards, it rained

Likes blades cutting through the sky and startled the wind chime.

The mixing of the mournful sounds of the blades and that of the wind chime

Is like hatred and admiration, like weeping and protesting.

Just like someone sitting under the windchime, waiting for the woman he loves.

But that woman can never come back”

Yi Fuling asks her what the song was called.

“Yin Meng”


Nan Feng stands up and tells his that in a few days, it would be the regents birthday. Yin Meng is his favorite song, and if she learns to play this song well and the regents likes it, he would agree to any requests she will make.

Yi Fuling looks at him bewildered. The regent nods

“If you asks for his head, maybe he might give it to you.”


Feng Shuang learns that Yi Fuling still hasn’t left. She confronts her.  The princess sees her playing the zither, in anger she walks out without hearing her explanation. The maid accompanying Feng Shuang vowed to avenge her as she sees the princess anger. On the regent birthday celebration, Yi Fuling  saw that  the zither given to her was destroyed. The string where intentionally cut.


Yi Fuling arrives at the banquet, holding another zither. Feng Tianyi sees it and scowls. Tianyi orders her to be taken away, as they turned her around one of the maid deliberately stepped on her dress. Yi Fuling stumble and had let go of the zither she was holding. It fell on the ground and broke. At that moment the Regent comes in and sees the broken zither. Yi Fuling finally sees that face of the regent and learns that he was the man who introduced himself as Nan Feng.  In anger, the regent held Yi Fling by the neck, seeing this Feng Tianyi ordered him to let go. They fought as the regent would not let go of Yi Fuling.


Feng Shuang came to her rescue and apologized for her, the regent refusing to hear any of their pleas, he grabbed a sword and attacked her.  At the last moment the regent sees the Flower Deity mark on her. He backs off . Suddenly he tell them that letting her die would be like letting her off lightly and that it’s been a while since his Xuanqin hall had a female master. He took her flew.

Xue Lin and regent talks , he congratulates the regents for his plans. The regents nods and tells him to leave everything to him and reprimands him for sending the assassin’s to Feng Tianyi. Xue bows and agrees with him.


Feng Tianyi enters the Xuanqin hall. Seeing Yi Fuling he take her in a tight embrace, anger and worry clearly written on him. Surprised at him, she asks her in he is crazy which Feng Tianyi shouts back yes, he likes her like crazy and if she isn’t blind she would have noticed it long ago

The regent enters and sees them in an embrace. Mocking Feng Tianyi, he tells him that things they like have always  been the same.


The regent gave them a choice, if Yi Fuling chooses Tianyi  then he could pass an edict crowning her as the empress and forget everything that had happened . Yi Fuling choose the regent, knowing that his plans. Earlier when she woke up she had heard Xue Lin’s and Feng Reng’s conversation. To protect Tianyi she choose to stay beside the regent. She tells him that Feng Tianyi would always be the cold Feng Tianyi she met at the Stars court, After he’s done with her she would throw her out.

Not knowing  her real reasons, Tianyi thought she choose the regent because  she likes him. Fury surrounded him as Yi Fuling watched him walk away


Bi Anhua finally made up her mind and ask Bai Tingjun to accompany her somewhere  she has something to show her


Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (Episode 13)

If she dies and she will turn into a Cluster Amaryllis,Bi Anhua sacrifices herself in order for Bai Tingjun to get it.


Feng Shuang is prideful by nature she knew that the broken zither was instigated by her servants, she reprimands her. Yi Fuling on the other hands stayed at Xuanqin hall, Feng Reng knew that Yi Fuling only said those words to Feng Tianyi because she wanted to protect him. He tested her by asking her who really broke the zither he gave her, Yi Fuling knew yet kept her mouth shut. That moment one of the regents trusted servants comes in held a box for her to open.

Inside was a pair of cut of hands, the hands of the maid who planned all of this.

Shaken she confronts  Feng Reng and tells her that no matter what the servant did, she is still a person and the zither is just zither.


Bai Tingjun returns to their place to find it empty, he sees  Bi Anhua letters, as he read it the disciples of the Stars Court came and tried to capture him. Bai Tingjun escaped. As they ate , Ji Shu told Yu Huanzhneg of about the sky city and he si to keep it a secret.

Her personal guards had informed Bai Xue of Yi Fuling’s escape to South Yudu and they were also unable to find JiShu. That night when Bai Xue practiced her sword skills, Ji Shu stood by the shadows and watched her.


Feng Tianyi then decides to ask the regent to grant his marriage to Feng Shuang. Hearing this news Xue Lin confronts the regent, asking him if he plans to kill Feng Tianyi why would he still bother to give her sister to him. Xue Lin also reasons out that this would widow her sister. The regent tells him not to worry, since they are to attack on his wedding day.

Yi Fuling who was eavesdropping heard all of their plans.


Yu Huanzheng wakes up to see Ji Shu gone, he then sees an object left their by him.

The Castle In the Sky Episode 13.mp4_001850280.jpg

 Feng Reng passes by the Xuangqin hall and hears Fuling playing the zither. A servant tells him that in the past few days Yi Fuling hadn’t rested to practice this.

This is episode 13  is basically just a summary. I just past by some boring parts.

 I’m beginning to see another of side of this evil regent, Yin Meng was the love of his life. That’s why he was in wrath when Yi Fuling broke the zither. Those maid,  to avenge Feng Shuang, they intentionally broke the zither the regent gave to Yi Fuling, then they suggested to use another one. The one that the regent loves, as it is his wife’s zither. That why Feng Tianyi sent her away upon seeing what she was holding. He knew that when Feng Reng saw the Yin Meng’s zither held by anyone he would get angry.

Now imagine seeing the most precious thing you hold dear get broken. That’s worst.

“Too much strength invites insult

Too much intelligence leads to self-harm

Too much attachment and persistence in a relationship

Won’t make it last long

It’s too much


Anything that’s too much doesn’t usually last long”

This was Yi Fuling’s answer when he said that the tune the regent played was not good.

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  1. Ng says:

    Hi there, for posting all the recaps, you did very well. I wish you can put more of your own opinion on some scenes here in there (in brackets, perhaps) to spice up the reviews.

    I found this drama very heart breaking myself. Couldn’t bare with the emptiness and sadness after watching it T_T

    What do you think?

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    1. vhimael says:

      Thank you.. this is my first timw doing a recap so Im basically in the dark. But I will try to put more thoughts on this. =) and yes with a bracket =)

      This drama did a play a lot with my feelings,i was feeling happy then I’m not.. Then crying then smiling like an idiot. I am just so invested in here that I refuse to let go. =)


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