Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (Episode 10 and 11)

“People will only remember successes and forget failures”

Lanzhou earth was inhabited by two winged clans. A hundred years ago, the two clans went on endless expeditions. the battles between them raged on continuously leaving the humans in a terrible situation. Finally, Yu Huang was the one to sign a lasting cease-fire agreement. But then both sides realized, if they wanted to keep Lanzhou earth peaceful for another hundred years the balance of power for both parties involved must comply with the same supreme principle

1Roufei’s body was recovered by Feng Shuang from the hands of her familly’s head servant. She ordered him not to speak of it to anyone. The next morning, Roufei’s body was sent to Feng Tianyi for proper burial. As they gathered near his body, blood started to ooze out form him. A medical examiner reported that Roufei didn’t die from arrow wounds but from the poison coated in the arrowhead. After describing the poison, one of Feng Tianyi’s guards had asked why they haven’t heard of such poison before. The medical then tells that the it was forbidden by the previous emperor due to its lethality, it can kill even its maker just from a single mistake. He then reluctantly pints out that the poison had originally created by the Xue Family.

Feng Tianyi whispers “Xuelin” darkly. Feng Tianyi tells them not ot be rash, to bring down an extremely powerful person they have to come up with a  make an extreme plan.


Feng Tinayi send one of his men to ask Xue Lin to attend to him as he is reportedly sick. Xue Lin arrogantly agrees. He walks forward towards the throne and stands. Kneeling and kowtowing are given to royals as a sigh of respect. Xuelin deliberately doesn’t kneel using his injuries during his campaign days as an excuse.


Feng Tianyi asks him is Xuelin knew of his ailment, the Xue Leader tells him its was probably because of the assassination and the death of Du Roufei. Feng Tianyi angrily points at him and orders him to be arrested. Xuelin condescendingly confesses that he killed Roufei, that is not for his interference Feng Tianyi would have been the one who died. After hearing his words, Feng Tianyi smirks and calls out the 4 most influential people in South Yudu hiding as his witness to Xuelin’s words.42

Yu Huanzheng comes back to the Ji Shu’s prisons and frees him. He stared shocked and in awe as Ji Shu introduces himself.


Bai Tingjun wastes his days in drinking while Bi Anhua patiently stays by his side. While drunk Bai Tingjun repeatedly utters  the clues Ji Shu left to him again and again. Bi Anhua looks at him with a confused expression as she too, tries to understand his words.

As they await the approval of Xuelins execution, a servant from the regent comes and gives Feng Tianyi a letter. It was about the 4 most influential people Feng Tianyi had called as his witness. It was recordings of their shady pasts and dark deeds. The servant informs Feng Tianyi that he relies a lot on them, if their crime is to be made public, they would be immediately imprisoned. Making it clear as a day, that once they were imprisoned who among the common people would believe the testimony of a prisoner.

The Regent pushed Feng Tianyi to take back Xuelins execution. Angered at the  helplessness of the situation, Feng Tianyi just crumples the letter in his hands and looks at the vast sky.


Feng Shuang looks expectantly outside her room as she waits for Feng Tianyi. She expected her to come and thank her personally for helping him get Roufei. The maid tells her that the emperor in the past few days had been always beside Yi Fuling.


Suddenly Xuelin barges in her room and slaps her. He had interrogated the servants tin his household and learned of what Feng Shuang did. If it wasn’t for the regents help Feng Shuang would have been receiving Xuelins cold body. Xuelins cruelly tells her that she was only able to be a match to Feng Tianyi because she is the revered princess of the Yue clan, with their family’s standing she is nothing.

(When there’s already no skin, where will the fur attach itself?)

If an object losses its basis for living, it cant survive, Xuelin is basically warning her that without the Xue family name attached to the her name, she would nothing more than just an ordinary princess.


Hearing of what happened, Yi Fuling sees Feng Tianyi as he locks himself up inside his chambers. He angrily throws away the food she brought and pushes her outside. Instead of leaving she stands on the other side of the door , she hears sobs and slowly opens the door. Seeing him devastated and  vulnerable, Yi Fuling come to stop by his side and holds his hand. Feng Tianyi hold her tightly like a lifeline


Bi Anhua enters the Stars Court and stood in front of the Seven Stars Lantern. She finally had realized the meaning of what Bai Tingjun keeps repeatedly saying.

“The Seven Star Lantern is a relic of the Stars Court, if you can pass through the lantern, you can take a peek at all the mysteries of the universe. If, once the lights are out, you still have a shadow, everywhere under the sun, there probably only you.”


Bai Tingjun tried to stop her as she went and put out the lights of the Seven Stars Lantern. An elder comes in and sees Bai Tingjun and Bi Anhua. The elder knew that Bai Tingjun would never acts like thism and immediately came to conclusion of Bi Anhua’s  agenda. The elder attacks Bi Anhua and the prince protects her. Bi Anhua goads the prince an uses Yi Fuling. Finally convinced, Bai Tingjun throws his sword on the lantern and it shattered as it touched the ground. It was said that when the lantern losses its light pitch black darkness follows but instead of darkness, A red light blinds them all and Bi Anhua sees a blood red flower pattern shown. Using this distraction they escape with difficulty, Bai Tingjun was bleeding as Bi Anhua cries over him


The Elder calls their Star Court head and tell tells him that the Cluster Amaryllis has appeared. The real one that blossoms deep down the abyss, the Red spider lily.

It’s one of the mentioned legends. With the Flower Deity amulet missing and the cluster amaryllis showing up, the elders realized that the  God of Shooting Stars  is finally coming to earth. The elders ask their master to explain to them the relationship between these three.

Okay lets break things down so you won’t get confused.

The Flower Amulet Deity has basically two parts. The Yin and the Yang. And these two needs to meld together in order to awaken the God of Shooting Stars Flower. The Yin part was guarded by the Stars Court but then was stolen by Feng Tianyi. Now the Yang part has something to do with Cluster Amaryllis, which will be explained in episode 11 J

Back to the characters: I’m really beginning to hate this Xue Lin guy. He’s like the clichéd evil in every storyline. That one you would absolutely hate because he was already corrupted to the core. His desire to get the throne is really ambitious. Enough to attempt and kill Feng Tianyi.

When the medical examiner mentioned the Xue family name related with the Ruofei’s death It was obvious that Xue Lin had sent them to kill the emperor. And when the regent had killed those assassins in haste before any trial was made, it was clear as a day that these two are in it together for the throne.

The regent using underhanded tactics to force Feng Tianyi to retreat his execution order of Xue lin. He forced him to choose between his subjects and Xuelin. If Feng Tianyi pushes what he wants the regent would release the crimes committed by these four, not only would their words useless against Xuelin’s case but it would also destroy their lives.

I like this part of the episode where the regent was forcing Feng Tianyi to choose. The servant said

“But when people are in their positions, how can they have no lusts and wants”

Every last one of us has desires. It’s just that people in those  so called positions have voracious wants that we notice them. I dare those who read this post to think of a single moment in their life that they had wanted to have something so bad they gave in to their inner sprite.

If you had one, then that’s good. Cause there is no such perfect being in existence. Human are flawed by nature. Its how we resist these urges that makes a fine line between what is good and what is evil.

Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries 11

The Head Elder told them them the story of the God of Shooting Star :

Legends tell us that during the ancient times, The God of Shooting Stars ,Shao Wu had a romantic relationship with the Humankind leader , Pian Yu. For his love for the deity, he promised to fly with her one day. Shao Wu thought that Pian Yu was just randomly saying things. But the humankind was able to invent a pair of wings and was able to fly, as he previously wished. But a commoner like him trespassing into the peal of Cloud mountain angered the high priests. Because of this he must be punished.


He was imprisoned into the deep abyss of the underworld in a distant land of Lei continent. Shao  Wu was unable to help him due to the enchanted seal made by the High priest. The moment she leaves the peak of Cloud mountain, her energy will dissipate and she will die. Knowing this Pian Yu asks her not to worry herself.


Later, Shao Wu learned that Pian Yu tried to escape and got into a big battle in the deep abyss of the underworld with the High priest that locked him up there . They fought for three days and three nights, the blood turned the Spider Lilies in the deep abyss of the underworld red. It became known as the Cluster Amaryllis. Just to see Pian Yu for the last time, Shao Wu just disregarded everything and jumped into the deep abyss of the underworld. They saw each other for the last time. It was then said that Pian Yu’s tear turned into Shooting Star Pollen and got scattered throughout the world. Hence, afterwards the Wing kind became humans that came fly.

Shao Wu and Pian Yu died in each other arm. Their deep love for each other disappeared with it. The Yin and Yang Amulet joining together symbolizes the goddess reuniting with her lover

Because of Bai Tingjun’s actions, the Elder had ordered him to be captured. After caring for the wounded prince, Bi Anhua meets Tian Ya Zi in secret.


In exchange for information, Bi Anhua shows Tina Yazi her Cluster Amaryllis markings on his back. After hearing his words, Bi Anhua begins to suspect that Yi Fuling was the goddess’ reincarnation in this lifetime and  Bai Tingjun was her lover. Knowing her affections of the prince, Tina Yazi asks her if she was planning to sacrifice herself.


Feng Tianyi had planned a big rite for Roufei  but was met with great resistant with Xue Lin. Feng Tianyi felt dejected as they do not wings, they cannot personally send him to his final resting place. (As a final burial rite the wing kind fly up into the heavens and scatter the ashes of their love one in back into the vast skies)


Feng Shuang visits Yi Fuling, after talking Yi Fuling promises her that she would return back to the human lands. Readying herself the next day, Yi Fuling asks a servant where the emperor was. They pointed her to the direction of the Qiyang palace.

At the day of final rite none of the noble families attended because the regent was holding a banquet at Xuanqin hall for all government officials. Hearing this Yi Fuling went to see the emperor.  She seen Xue Lin dressed in blood red clothes, disregarding the procedures taunting the emperor again.

Feng Tinayi asks her what she was doing here, and tries to sends her off. Yi Fuling then tells them that if it was up to her  the 8 noble houses are the real outsiders. They do not know Roufei, and hardly had any relations with him, what right do they have to send him on to his final journey. They are not needed here.

Yi Fuling looks looks the Xue Lin coldly.  Knowing they cannot fly, Yi Fuling asks then to put Roufei’s ashes on the kite.  As she cuts off the strings of the kite, they were finally able to send him off.

If we write our desires on the kites, when they fly up there our wishes would come true. What we longed for could also be heard.



Yi Fuling also says her goodbyes to the emperor, hearing this he asks her to come with him. Feng Tianyi shows her his father mausoleum. He begins to tell her about how his father had acted while he was alive.

“I once cared for a dear hawk, I named him Qing Feng. That’s how Qing Feng courtyard got its name. That year father took it away. Day and night, he made it suffer, without feeding it or letting it sleep. I didn’t understand why he did that and I begged him to let Qing Feng go but he ignored me. Not long after that Qing Feng died”


This part of his childhood made Feng Tianyi hate his father. So it surprised him that he was still crowned as a emperor.

 “People will only remember successes and forget failures. You cannot blame other for Qing Feng death”

Hearing this Yi Fuling gently encourages him, there will be a time where he could have everything back, of what’s rightfully his.

Feng Tianyi then ask her if he could accompany him until that time comes.


Oh, There he goes again. Really this guy.

I am watching W- two worlds this week while I’m summarizing this and it made me wonder what if I get to go on another world, but time in Lan continent it would probably awesome.

Enough about that lets get to business

What the late emperor did is a known method for training hawks. It is a harsh one. The late emperor did this to give his son a lesson. During his reign, he had never shown an ounce of affection to his son and is quite known to be close with his brother Feng Reng. In fact on his death bed, he called Feng Reng instead of Tianyi so it was quite a surprise that after reading the will, Feng Reng became the regent and he the emperor.

It became clear to Feng Tianyi was his father was doing. He used Feng Reng to pressure emperor, so that he could make his son ( the hawk) suffer. If he died half way, then he could only have himself to blame and not others.

It was also in this episode that we learn how Bi Anhua came to the prince’s service. Bai Tingjun had saved during her troubled times. Because of the Cluster amaryllis mark on her shoulder she was regarded as an outcast by her village. One day  group of perverts, Yes I call them prevents, tried to harass her and here comes the night and shining armor. You can pretty much see the how this goes on, and she falls nah nah nah but he doesn’t blah blah blah.

Anyways , As I said  previously I kind of cheated and went fast forward, super fast forward and saw the end of the tunnel. Someone told me that apparently the drama team who made this dream come true decided to give us another two extra episodes. That’s about 30 episodes up to date. I guess, many fans did a lot of noise because of the ending, so they are giving us another one.

Which is what it should supposed to be, I had seen and heard too many short lived happily ever after moments in my real life. I don’t need it in my dramas, thank you very much.


PS: this is the new site address:   thelibraria


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