Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (Episode Seven)

“I used half a lifetime to see the flower snow dance and fill the whole sky. My half a lifetime used to love again”

Lanzhou earth was inhabited by two winged clans. A hundred years ago, the two clans went on endless expeditions. the battles between them raged on continuously leaving the humans in a terrible situation. Finally, Yu Huang was the one to sign a lasting cease-fire agreement. But then both sides realized, if they wanted to keep Lanzhou earth peaceful for another hundred years the balance of power for both parties involved must comply with the same supreme principle .


Feng Tianyi was able to block the news that Bai Xue was going to execute Ji Shu from Yi Fuling. He pretends to still angry at her and sends her to be locked up. He then calls Yu Huanzheng and asks him to create a torture machine. At that exact moment Yi Fuling shouts from her room and Yu Huanzheng immediately begs forgiveness for her. That night he rescues her, they went under the passage Feng Tianyi had shown him.

While there he told her that it was the emperor who was supporting his research after he was he left the Star Court.


Surprised at what she learned, she mentions that Yu Huanzheng had never said this when he wrote the letter. Yu Huanzheng looks at her confused and denies never sending her one and Yi Fuling learns that it was the emperor’s doing so she wouldn’t worry about Yu Huanzheng. As they go out the passageway, Feng Tianyi shows up, he orders her to be lock up and whispers to Yu Huanzheng that if he really didn’t let him go, they wouldn’t have made it this far.


Feng Tianyi meets with Bai Tingjun and they finalized a way to save Ji Shu at the same time making sure that Yi Fuling never falls into the hands of Bai Xue.


At the day of the execution, Bai Xue cannot trust her son to not do something to save Yi Fuling. So she tricked him and Bai Tingjun was given a sleep inducing potion. Unable to give the signal  Feng Tianyi was left save Ji Shu.


On the street Yu Huanzheng  hears about Ji Shu’s execution and he realizes what Feng Tianyi had been doing to Yi Fuling this whole time.


Quickly as he could he runs to the place where they lock her up and told her everything. He told her that the emperor might be in trouble because the weapon he gave to Feng Tianyi was useless. Worried about she forces Yu Huanzheng to go with her  and save the emperor

Bai Tingjun wakes to realize that he has been tricked angered he storms out but was stopped as he saw food brought to his mother’s quarters. With Bai Xue and Ji Shu was at the  execution center, Bai Tingjun got suspicious. He followed them and found Ji Shu still locked up there.


Bai Xue had used a potion to change a someone to look like Ji Shu and was the being executed. Knowing this Bai Tingjun runs to them.


With no help from Bai Tingjun, Feng Tianyi rushes inside and was caught in the trap made by Bai Xue, Then at that moment Yi Fuling and Yu Huanzheng enters the scene.


Yi Fuling held a knife into her throat and tells her to release her father. At the moment Feng Tianyi makes a move for them to escape. Holding a fake Ji Shu they run. Bai Tingjun comes and kills the fake Ji Shu. Bai Xue had an assassin disguise as Ji Shu , and had ordered him to poison Yi Fuling during the commotion. With no time to explain, he kills the assassin and Yi Fuling sees Bai Tingjun killing her father (The fake one). Feng Tianyi tugs her as they escape and Yu Huanzheng was immediately captured.

They were able to escape.


 Yi Fuling saw the blood in her hands.


 It was from Feng Tianyi, he was shot when he during the escape trying to protect her as she cried over her father body.


Back the her palace, Bai Xue was angry at the failure to capture Yi Fuling then a warlock comes in and offers her a chance to get Ji Shu original form. She gets it and kills  the warlock. in JiShu prison, she forces him to take the pill.


The Castle In the Sky Episode 7.mp4_001847132.jpg

What say me:

I’ll be trying to give  a summary of each chapter as fast as I can (Everyday maybe, If I can). It will be really short and I would skip the boring parts so if you have some question fire away. I might have skip something along the way.

Anywho, back on tract.

Bai Xueis really an evil woman. A typical character of a jilted lover gone crazy. She kills the warlock who brings her a way to get Ji Shu back without remorse. On the other hand ,in the next episodes we can see how she has still feelings for Ji Shu. And it’s definitely not the sweet as honey kind of care you get from a lover but a possessive craziness out of this world level. A Harley and Joker if you have watched suicide squad.

Going back to my favorite one, Feng Tianyi is one hell of a manipulative guy. I wouldn’t say it as a bad thing since everything was for Yi Fuling but poor Yu Huanzheng keeps getting used. He is your typical good Samaritan.

Feng Tianyi had to keep her somewhere where she could be out of Bai Xue way while they save Ji Shu and here comes the perfect person for his plan.Feng Tianyi had purposely called him infront of where they had locked up Yi Fuling. And when the emperor had asked him to create a torture device, Feng Tianyi knew that Yu Huanzheng would help her escape.Aside from being manipulative, a calculative one too.

Sooooooo, episode 8 coming soon, by the way  if you like to download the drama with the subs embedded on it go to and use the SERVER 1 then download. Some sites have already subtitles but they wouldn’t have subtitles if you download them.

 PS: this is the new site address:   thelibraria


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