Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (Episode Six)

“I used half a lifetime to see the flower snow dance and fill the whole sky.

My half a lifetime used to love again”

Lanzhou earth was inhabited by two winged clans. A hundred years ago, the two clans went on endless expeditions. the battles between them raged on continuously leaving the humans in a terrible situation. Finally, Yu Huang was the one to sign a lasting cease-fire agreement. But then both sides realized, if they wanted to keep Lanzhou earth peaceful for another hundred years the balance of power for both parties involved must comply with the same supreme principle


Yi Fuling wakes up to see Feng Tianyi sleeping next to her bed. Quietly she walks out. Feng Tianyi wakes up to see her gone, then a commotion outside distracts him. As goes there, smoke where everywhere and she sees maid running out the kitchen.


He puts out the fire and yells at her Yi Fuling yells at him back, telling her how could she cook if she doesn’t lit fire.


As they were eating Fuling finally remembers the trouble she was in, as she ran outside she saw the imperial guards camping outside. Waiting to capture her. Since they cannot enter the territory of the wingkind emperor the had to camp out there and wait for her to go out.

Feng Tianyi protects her, as they went inside Yi Fuling suddenly vomits and gets sick


Okay in this part we learn that the wingkind eats either raw or cold foods, which doesn’t agree to Yi Fuling stomach, this somewhat makes her sick.


Bai Tingjun learned that her mother had taken Ji Shu as her prisoner. Bai Tingjun tells him he already knew why Jishu had him take the corroding bone nail. Ji Shu told him that if Yi Fuling was born as a normal girl he would have allowed them to be together but that isn’t the case. But the God of Shooting Star Flower must never fall in love with anyone, or else a great harm befalls them.

 He also tells the prince that Bai Xue doesn’t know that the star flower deity amulet has both Yin and  Yang amulet , and that by joining the two can Yi Fuling truly awaken.  Ji Shu tells her that you can find the amulet in South Yudu.

“The Yin Amulet points to the reincarnation of the God’s of the Shooting Star flower while the Yang amulet points towards her downfall. You need to find the person that the Yang Amulet points to and kill the person”

 And the only clue he got from was:

“Shadows will rise from the extinguished light. Tears will melt the cinnabar”


Yu Huanzheng shows Feng Tianyi of what was left of the Amulet when the Shooting star flower flew out from it. Angered by what happened he left, leaving Yu Huanzheng apologizing profusely. Back to the Smoke Pass he delivers a hot food to Yi Fuling, he accidently saw the Shooting Star Flower mark on her neck.

YI Fuling wakes up sees the food prepared by the emperor himself, He takes care of him as she saw the cuts he got cooking for her.


Seeing the dressed wounds Feng Tianyi as always insults her , laughing telling her if she had learned any womanly arts.

“No wonder nobody wants to marry you”

(So Cute J)YI Fuling pouts and the emperor softly nudges her and smiles. He adds

“If it really turns out that no one wants to marry you, you can stay here be my consort”

Feng Tianyi and Bai Tingjun meets, at that moment they notice something on each other. Fang Tianyi notices how the doll held by the prince similarly looks like how Yi Fuling dressed his cut.

Bai Tingjun confronts him why did he want to protect Yi Fuling, her mother had already besieged Smoke Pass.


“Your motivation is my motivation. Its’ unthinkable right,Bai Tingjun? That between us, there could be a time when our goals are similar”


Bai Tingjun sees her mother and tells her to use someone she really cares about to try to lure her out of Smoke Pass.


Feng Tianyi on the other hand bullies Yi Fuling again, he removes the bandage looking irritated. (Someone jealous) As she tries to re bandage them he throws a tantrum, throwing everything letting Yi Fuling clean everything up. Tired, Yi Fuling goes to sleep but he throws her out of the room and lets her sleep in the kitchen. As she sleeps comfortably there, the kitchen door opens and Feng Tianyi comes in holding a blanket.

What Say me 🙂 : (Caveat : Spoilers!!)

Okay first of all , I really love Feng Tianyi, his character is what really drew me to watch this drama(His look actually haha). As you have seen  above when Bai Tingjun found Jishu , he told her to find the person the Yang Amulet points towards to. Which basically means, he has to kill the person Yi Fuling fall sin love with and we all who that is.  This drama has still a lot of juice to give J

And Feng Tianyi and his jealousy.

Im Like -_- Really??Lol.

 He uses his jealousy quite cleverly, he really did get jealous when he saw Yi Fuling had taken care of him same as she had with Bai Tingjun in the past. We all know that feeling. Despite the fact the we are the present, we can’t help but fell a lil’ bit insecure of our significant others past. Life indeed.


From my point of view, this episode is basically the start of them really liking each other. Yi Fuling starts to run to him when she is on trouble. She begins to unravel the person behind the cruelty he exudes.  Feng Tianyi had probably already cared for her from the very moment he laid his eyes on her, step by freakin’ step but it’s in this episode he really took the whole-shebang jump ship thing to the next level.

Mind you this is really quite interesting since in this episode Feng Tianyi said that

“I don’t want to get too close with anyone because when there are emotions, it’ll affect your judgement”

Nonetheless, Feng Tianyi,despite his dislike of Bai Tingjun, called him to meet and help save Yi Fuling. And when he said that Bai Tingjun’s motivation in saving Yi Fuling  goes in line with his, we can finally see that he had already given his heart.







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