Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap and Summaries (Episode Five)

“Humans leaves messages in fragments

The lover became a bright moon in her man’s wine

Flourishing at both ends of the world.

Wind blows, flowers fall

But instead the flower rode with the wind

Like a delayed separation.

One chord, one pillar, one branch, one leaf

In the end, it’s a splendid year.



“You are still in my heart”

Lanzhou earth was inhabited by two winged clans. A hundred years ago, the two clans went on endless expeditions. the battles between them raged on continuously leaving the humans in a terrible situation. Finally, Yu Huang was the one to sign a lasting cease-fire agreement. But then both sides realized, if they wanted to keep Lanzhou earth peaceful for another hundred years the balance of power for both parties involved must comply with the same supreme principle


Tianyi takes Fuling to a beautiful lakeside. Thinking it was too trick her again she yells at him asking what other ways is he thinking to harm her. She then tells him that her status won’t be as low as it is now for much longer since she is going to marry Tingjun. Feng Tianyi scoffs at her and tells hers that the prince would never marry someone like her.


Yi Fuling nods at him and  tells him that the queen plans to give her the title of crown princess this stops Feng Tianyi from his tracks. He looks at her surprised.Feng Tianyi  nods and takes out a wine for them to celebrate Bai Tingjun for having found a troublesome woman in his life.


As they got drunk on top of the rock, Yi Fuling tells Feng Tianyi that she knows what he did. Master Yufeihad told her that the emperor had gone easy on his lashes when he gave her the punishment. Yi Fuling talked and talked as she finished the wine, Feng Tianyi tells at her for her carelessness. Feeling dizzy she leans at him at fell asleep.


Before she fell asleep she dizzily whispers that she knew about the sky grass. Seeing her lean at him the emperor held her hand.


He carries her at his back as snow fell from the skies. He stops in his tracks and looks at the skies telling Yi Fuling to wake up and look how hard the snow falls.


Yi Fuling hums and whispers Bai Tingjun’s name. He smiles sadly then whispers


“Really so heavy”


In that same night, Bai Tingjun looks at the same skies while holding a red bean bracelet, he sighs as he held it tightly.



The next morning, Bai Tingjun gives Bi Anhua the red bracelet at the same time Yi Fuling sees him do it. Bai Tingjun tells her that he rejected his mother’s offer to make a Crown princess. She runs away and in the hallway she meets the queen’s servants. They led her to the queen and was told that she would still receive the title.



Knowing Bai Tingjun’s thoughts about her having the title, she rejected it. This angered the queen. The queen ordered her seized but her father came to her rescue. The queen followed them and Yi Fuling escaped while Ji Shu stayed to save her daughter’s life.


Fuling runs for help and she ends up at Wind Smoke Pass at Fen Tianyi’s doorstep.


Seeing her like this, he teases her again as he hold her hands and pulls her inside, Yi Fuling struggles and shouts at him, yelling she’d rather die than to go there.


This angers the emperor and leaves her there outside.


After he his anger passes by Feng Tianyi, his worry resurfaces and he goes outside to see her gone.


Bai Tingjun goes to see her mother to plead Yi Fuling case but she remains firms in her decision. She asks her son to follow her and she shows her the Sky City, a city built hidden away from anyone but them.



Bai Xue finally reveals her plans and why Yi Fuling is a vital part of it. She tells him that Yi Fuling is this lifetime’s reincarnation of the God of Shooting Stars Flower. Yi Fuling’s spirit could circulate the Shooting star flower pollen which makes the Wingkind fly. Bai Xue tells him that with Yi Fuling she could also make the Sky City float towards the sky and with that start a war with the wingkind to finally unite the Lan continent



Feng Tianyi searches for despite the heavy snow, he finally finds her, almost sick to death.

“I tell you to run and you really are running, you fool”

Feng Tianyi grumbles that he had never taken care of anyone before yet here he is taking care of everything she needs.

Fen Tianyi watches over her as she sleeps suddenly a noise outside interrupts their moment and he goes outside to see the imperial guards of the th queen looking for Yi Fuling.



Naturally, he refused to her give, daring them to use force in his territory . The guards left and reported to Bai Xue.



The next day disciple under Feng Tianyi made a so obvious attempt to excuse themselves out the courtyard for the day, They wanted to leave the emperor and Yi Fuling alone. Feng Tianyi Smirks and tell them to get lost.



What Say Me:

Watching this kind of dramas makes me really ask: Does men like him exist in this world. Or Im just probably in the wrong side of the planet.Sighs.

Okay where to begin,,

I’ll start with the lakeside date they had, Feng Tianyi you are the man! Haha. He does like her, truly.

There was this part in this episode where he carried her back when she got so drunk. The scene was really lovely, with snows falling covering the earth and Feng Tianyi stops and nudges her awake, She whispers Bai Tingjuns name. And in that short moment we can see Feng Tianyi look at the skies helplessly, as if he already knew that Yi Fuling’s heart will always be for Bai Tingjun yet he couldn’t stop his feelings for her.

That is the first he gave that kind of face, that very short second was all you really need to know. It was heartbreaking, like having feelings for someone you can never really truly have and all you can do is shrug  and accept what is given.

This drama is really underrated, but if you give this a chance, you would really relate to it, you know, us mortals




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  1. efendi05 says:

    I love this drama! But I hate Tingjun, to be honest >_> I know I’m only on the fifth episode but I don’t like him already.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vhimael says:

      That can’t be helped, his character was really made up t be either hated or pitied. he keeps making a wrong decision one after the other just because of a woman. just like they say behind every man fall is a woman 🙂


  2. Joyeuse93 says:

    I just want you to know that I do visit your website every now and then checking on anything related to novoland. I too love this underrated gem, and I always enjoy reading your recaps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vhimael says:

      Thank you○●○ thank you so much.. this drama is really awesome. U can wait to see how this ends. Hope your with me. ♡♡


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