Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap (Episode Three)

Lanzhou earth was inhabited by two winged clans. A hundred years ago, the two clans went on endless expeditions. the battles between them raged on continuously leaving the humans in a terrible situation. Finally, Yu Huang was the one to sign a lasting cease-fire agreement. But then both sides realized, if they wanted to keep Lanzhou earth peaceful for another hundred years the balance of power for both parties involved must comply with the same supreme principle

Yi Fuling was able to escape the mountain when Huanzheng had finally broken the Star Cycle Wheel. She fell into Bai Tingjun’s arm, suddenly a large sound came from inside the entrance and he beast guarding the mountain came out. Yu Huanzheng who was hiding on top of a rock was attacked first. The sight of the released beast caused panic at the Star Court.


As they were escaping Bai Tingjun purposely left behind to delay the beast and was injured during the encounter. At that same moment Feng Tianyi appeared at the entrance of the mountain.  With a triumphant smirk he entered. Seeing the Amulet , Fen Tianyi tried to touch  but a protection shield prevented him, it also alerted the beast. As it tried to went back to the mountain the beast was defeated by the three Elders of the Star court. The death of the beast broke the protection around the amulet and enabled Feng Tianyi to get it.

Fen Tianyi planned everything from the start, he then pulled out a mirror flower  (I’m guessing it’s Lou Lins ) and left it behind where the Amulet was once kept.


When the incident had somewhat settled down, the Head of the Star Court elder came and saw the pandemonium. He then left saying that they cleanse their mess up. Yi Fuling got accused of purposely letting the beast out and causing an uproar in the star court. Bai Tingjun automatically came to her rescue telling everybody that Yi Fuling went to the mountain to receive her training and it was just an accident that the beast got released.


To everybody’s surprise , Feng Tianyi came to her defense (Maybe he got guilty, as he is the mastermind of everything that has happened.)


After hearing their pleas the elder had pardoned her and accepted Yi Fuling as a disciple in the Star Court. Seeing her released from the punishment, Bai Tingjun’s injuries finally caught up to him, as he suddenly coughed blood and collapsed.

As the Elders went to the mountains they discovered the amulet gone. Seeing how things have gone, they suspected someone had used Yi Fuling to lure the creature out and used the opportunity to steal the amulet. One of the elders then had asked why steal the Flower Deity Amulet when the amulet is only taken out when the God of the Shooting Star reaches his 18th years and will naturally awaken. The three elders argued of its reason, even suspecting Ji Shu to have returned as he is the only known person to be able to break the Star Wheel.


Yu Huanzheng came into their suspicion because of his obsession with mechanics same as Ji Shu. Just then the elders had discovered the mirror flower left by Feng Tianyi.


Yi Fuling sat beside Bai Tingjun as he lay asleep because of his injuries, Bi Anhua comes in and tells Fuling to go and rest. This is the first time the two women met each other. Fuling then tells her it is a beautiful name, Bi Anhua smiles and tells her the meaning behind her name.

Bi Anhua is a flower that blooms in the of the underworld. Its flower and leaves never meet. An unlucky name, unlucky person.

When Bi Anhua to take care of Bai Tingjun, Fuling interferes and asks her to let her be the one to take care of him, Bi Anhua hesitantly lets go and agrees.


Fuling finds Bi Anhua in the courtyard burying a flower in a pot.She asks the maid what she was doing. Bi Anhua relplies with

“Flowers fall with interest, Waters flow without feeling. And now she is burying the flowers. Ergo, she is burying her feelings of Bai Tingjun”

An idiom about on sided crush.

Bai Anhua tells her that her master only has Fuling in her heart.  When Fuling tells her of her doubts, Bai Anhua tells her of a method done from which can let you find if anyone is interested in you.


“Close your eyes and meditate his name in your heart, let the wind blow the petal away. If it can land on the highest treetop then the God of Wind will naturally convey your feelings to him and he will definitely come to make a confession.”

Fuling held a petal in her hands and the petals flies high above the tree, Fuling smiles with joy but as when she turned back the petal fell down to the ground.



On the other hand, Luo Lin and Huanzheng was called separately by the Elders.



Yu Huanzheng confessed his sins of causing such havoc at the Star Court, Feng Tianyi who was there at that moment had added fuel to the fire by commenting that destroying the star wheel is an unforgivable crime which led to Yu Huanzheng being expelled.



Going down the mountain, Yu Huanzheng meets Yi Fuling and tells her goodbyes despite Fuling’s protest of the unfairness of the situation. He takes a Sky Grass which Yuling confused tells him, it won’t be of use since it has to be taken mouth to mouth. Yu Huanzheng laughs at her asks her if she was kidding. Yu Fuling reminds of him of what happened last time but he tells her it didn’t work out because the Sky Grass she had taken last time has expired.




Yu Huanzheng gets kidnapped by some men on his way down



Hearing of his injuries, Feng Tianyi sent a medicine to him, But Fuling was suspicious of the emperor knowing his schemes. Bai Anhua knew that Bai Tingjun was already at death doors, over stepping her position she gave Bai Tingjun the medicine despite Fuling’s protest. Bai Tingjun wakes up and Fuling shows him the red beans she drew.




Knowing her feeling of him, Bai Tingjun avoids her eyes and instead warns her of Feng Tianyi. She asks him if he was still jealous of Tianyi, but instead of answering Ba Tingjun sends her off, telling her to go and rest since she has already taken care of him for days. As Fu Ling stands to go, Bai Tingjun coughs blood and collapses.


Someone reports to Feng Tianyi of Yu Huanzheng and it is revealed that the emperor had Lou Lin taken cared of somewhere far away. Feng Tianyi says that since Bai Tingjun had helped him acquire the amulet and He, Feng Tianyi had eliminated the traitor.  Now they own nothing to each other.


 The Head elder visits Bai Tingjun and tells Fuling that if it wasn’t for Feng Tianyi he would have gone to the next world. Despite that intervention Bai Tingjun still hasn’t have much time left, his injuries were really severe. And the only way to save him was the “Extending soul method” which uses another person’s life in exchange for his.



Yu Huanzheng was carries into a house which was later revealed as a haven for Huanzheng, it contains everything that he needs for his obsession of mechanics. It was a gift from someone since he cannot return to his home.

The Castle In the Sky Episode 3.mp4_001809796.jpg

Yi Fuling cries on the corner as the severity of Bai Tingjun’s condition sets in, suddenly a voice comes in and tells her a way to save him. It was the spirit of the beast guarding the amulet. The spirit tells her the how to do the method  the elder was talking about.

The Castle In the Sky Episode 3.mp4_001882149.jpg

The queen finally appears! A servant comes in and tells her that there was a change in the position of the Star Flower Deity Amulet. Which also means that the new generation of the Star flower Deity Amulet   will soon reawakened.

The Castle In the Sky Episode 3.mp4_001911121.jpgThe Castle In the Sky Episode 3.mp4_001916077.jpg

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