Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap (Episode Two)

Lanzhou earth was inhabited by two winged clans. A hundred years ago, the two clans went on endless expeditions. the battles between them raged on continuously leaving the humans in a terrible situation. Finally, Yu Huang was the one to sign a lasting cease-fire agreement. But then both sides realized, if they wanted to keep Lanzhou earth peaceful for another hundred years the balance of power for both parties involved must comply with the same supreme principle


Bai Tingjun let go of his hold Yi Fuling when a sudden sharp feeling cut through his hand. Yi Fuling looked at her with confusion as he leaned on the prison bars.


Bai Tingjun’s past was then shown.


“This is a corroded Bone’s nail. It will move through your blood and then bind itself with your 8 major pulses. If you have any immodest thoughts, you will suffer the agony of a thousand knives and ten thousand cuts.”

Bone ccorroding and heart-piercing pain……

Bai Tingjun in his childhood swore to protect Yi Fuling as an elder brother, otherwise suffer the consequence. Reminded of his promise Bai Tingjun quickly said his goodbyes on her . He then went to the elder of the Stars Court to plead for her.

Yi Fuling’s punishment was given. Every day for 7 days, she would be flogged 7 times.




Bai Tingjun had asked the sentence to be given to him instead but the elder was firm on his words. Seeing this was futile Bai Tingjun went to see the guards taken down by Yu Huanzheng, a disciple seeing to the guards showed him the pins used to take them down


Bai Tingjun asked who was capable of making stealthy needle pins and was pointed towards Yu Huanzheng’s way.


Bai Tingjun cornered Huanzheng and forced him to explain his actions. Yu Huanzheng, his conscience heavy confessed immediately. Bai Tingjun asked him if he acted on Feng Tianyi’s orders and told him that if his conscience was still intact they would go to Elder Yinchi and confess.


So they went to the court and YuHuanzheng confessed as the culprit, telling them that he fooled her by telling her she could see Bai Tingjun. Yu Huanzheng deliberately took off Feng Tianyi’s name, he didn’t mention his involvement which leads to Yi Fuling remembering Yu Huanzheng’s situation.



She knew that Yu Huanzhneg could not tell who was really behind everything that had happened, putting up a weak appearance in front of the elder because he was forced by the emperor. Not letting someone suffer for her she took the blame for herself. She told them she took advantage of the kind hearted Yu Huanzheng and stole his Ring of Flying Light (the pins) and used it to take down the guard and entered the forbidden grounds.



With this Yi Fuling was returned to her prison and her punishment was carried the next day.


Once again Bang Tingjun pleaded for her but was refuted. Feng Tianyi interrupted and told the elder that if he cannot bear to punish Bai Tingjun for his lowly actions he would do it himself, pulling the whip and hit Bai Tingjun.


AS Feng Tianyi gave her punishment, Bai Tingjun that it would mean going against the humankind, this announcement lead to anger Elder Yinchi further this also made Feng Tianyi stop and look at the prince with surprise. Bai Tingjun was ordered to kneel and take his words back, he went down on his knees then Feng Tianyi continued. Bai Tingjun was forced to watched Yi Fuling take the whipping.

Bai Tingjun confronted the emperor, Feng Tianyi scoffed as said that if he had enough energy kneeling saying such words he should instead face him and kneel, maybe he could make his lashes lighter the next time.


Feng Tianyi gave Yi Fuling one last look as he took off after giving the 7 lashes. The disciple from Feng Tianyi’s helped Yi Fuling off the post. They took a look at her back and knew that emperor punished her lightly, the 7 lash hurt less than the lash Feng Tianyi gave to the prince earlier.



That night Bai Tingjun gathered his faction and they tried to save Yi Fuling.


At the time, Yu Huanzheng had already begun his move to save Yi Fuling, taking down guards on the entrance of her prison. Determined to get her out



Knowing of the prince plan, one of the prince closest friend went to Feng Tianyi and reported it. Feng Tianyi smiled and told the betrayer that he had already anticipated the action. Meanwhile Yu Huanzheng had already found Yi Fuling, on his way to her he stepped on a button that set all the traps in the place in motion.


When Bai Tingjun went to Yi Fuling they found the unconscious guards, the prince they went inside alone to see what had happened. Inside he met Yu Huanzheng and together they tried to release her.

As  they were doing it , Feng Tianyi appeared out of nowhere


As they were arguing, the doors started to close, Yu Huanzhneg told them if closes there is no way for the to open it up from the inside. Feng Tianyi told them they were in trouble if they go know, then continued to walk out the prison, with Yu Huanzheng  dragging the prince out.


As they were escaping, the three of them were caught by Elder Yinchi and were sent together for punishment. They were sent to kneel in front of the commandment room all night.

Inside the commandment room, Bai Tingjun asked Yu Huanzheng how they could take Yi Fuling out of that prison, Yu Huanzheng said it would be the help of his master. Telling  the prince that prison was made by a genius Stars Court elder 2myears ago named Ji Shu. Bai Tingjun asked who he was, how come he had never heard of such name.

Yu Huanzheng said it was because Ji Shu was banished for the Stars Court because of a commoner woman and from that moment on he disappeared from the face of Lan continent.  Afterwards, his famous inventions were branded as forbidden items by the court.

And he only knew of this because he was able to steal two of his books from a Jianghu.

Feng Tianyi interrupted them and ordered Bai Tingjun to turn around and look at what’s written on the second wall painting on his right




It was a star court rule.

“If a commoner disciple wants to enter the court to learn he must enter Fuyui Mountain peak to train. A person who can safely exit the Fuyui Mountain Peak can be made  an exception and accepted”

Feng Tianyi tells the prince that Yi Fuling could be pardoned from the lashing by going inside the Fuyui Mountain . The prince then reminds them that the mountain is guarded by a beast, It is very a dangerous place, that for hundred of years no one had been able to leave the mountain. It would like sending her to her death.

Feng Tianyi laughs evilly and asks if it is then possible for her to survive after receiving 49 Is hopeless while the other offers a slim chance of survival. He shrugs then tells them that it doesn’t matter which way it goes it is already  morning again, someone will be flogged again.


That morning Feng Tianyi forced Yu Huanzheng to whip Yi Fuling, as he hesitated, the emperor reminded him the rules of being under him, one must always follow his orders.


Yu Huanzheng drops the whip and yells that he couldn’t do it


Bai Tingjun orders Loulin (The betrayer) to go and assemble his personal guards and came and save Yi Fuling. He could do it by showing the guards the jade tiger

He tells him that he doesn’t care if he loses everything, Fuling is the most important person for him.

But then Loulin gives it to the emperor in exchanged of gold. Seeing him wearing the his Mirror flower, Feng Tianyi took it and told Loulin he would order one made by his kind.



He then goes and visits Yi Fuling and tells her of Bai Tingjun’s plan.



28Feng Tianyi tells Yi Fuling another way to save herself and prevent Bai Tingjungs foolishness, a plan which she agrees to.



Yi Fuling then goes to the court elder and pleads her case. They agreed. If she leaves Fuyui mountain safely, everything that had  happened in the past will be forgotten and the elder will personally teach her.



Feng Tianyi calls Yu Huanzheng and shows him the Star Cycle Wheel, a device used to open the entrance of the Fuyui Mountain Peak. To let Yi Fuling and no other. Based on Yi Fuling ability she could never defeat that beast that guards the entrance


The emperor asked Yu Huanzheng to  break the wheel and let Yi Fuling escape. (If didn’t the reason, I would have believed that Feng Tianyi really cares for Yi Fuling )




The day arrives and Yi Fuling stands in front of the entrance to the mountain. Bai Tingjun worriedly looks at her but Fuling assures him and shows her the weapon given by Huanzheng.


Feng Tianyi then comes and kisses her telling her it was a gift too from himself. Since it is the last time they would be seeing each other, treat his kiss as a farewell.




Yi Fuling then enters, Yu Huanzheng stood hidden at the sides, ready to make a move once the elder was gone



As she enters, Yi Fuling curses Feng Tianyi , not trusting him again.  She swallowed out the Sky grass she gave him when he kissed her.




As she went deeper the mountain she saw the Flower Amulet Deity, when she tried to touch it the beast guarding the mountain came and attack her.




That ends the 2nd episode 🙂 I will post the recap as soon as the subtitle is out on the rest of the episode 🙂





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    1. vhimael says:

      yes, I love it too. Thanks its producer. If you want a bit more mature counter part (its on the same universe) I would recommend Tribe Empires 🙂


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