Novoland: the Castle in the sky (Recap Episode 1)

Novoland: The Castle In The Sky (九州天空城) is a short 20 episode long fantasy drama. this series are leaded by young actors like Zhang Ruo Yun, Guan Xiao Tong, Ju Jing Yi, and model Liu Chang.



Okay this the first time I would be doing a recap for any kind of drama. This rooted when this series caught my attention and when I was searching for recaps I found nada, At all. All I found was synopsis, press cons and the like.So I’m gonna do a recap for non mandarin viewers and those who likes to read and watch the series at the same time 🙂 or just to lazy to watch the whole episode  and I will make sure to follow it to the very last second.

Like a said this is my first time doing this so pardon my amateurish recaps and enjoy them.(I am so excited 🙂 )

You can read the sypnosis here: A virtual voyage

Then Lemme introduce the characters starting with

(Zhang Ruo Yun as Feng Tianyi. He plays the Emperor of Yu Clan. the Winged clan) I honestly love him in this character. Some people say that his contacts are a little bit off but I actually love them.

Castle 13

Traey Miley / Guan Xiao Tong as Yi Fu Ling. 61e7f8b0jw1f4htm4r71pj20k0107th9

Model Liu Chang as Bai Tingjun, a prince of the human clan.



SNH48’s Ju Jingyi as Xue Feishuang, Queen of the Yu Clan

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The rest of the cast i will introduce along the way

So lets start 🙂


Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Recap (Episode One)

Lanzhou earth was inhabited by two winged clans. A hundred years ago, the two clans went on endless expeditions. the battles between them raged on continuously leaving the humans in a terrible situation. Finally, Yu Huang was the one to sign a lasting cease-fire agreement. But then both sides realized, if they wanted to keep Lanzhou earth peaceful for another hundred years the balance of power for both parties involved must comply with the same supreme principle .

The story starts a hundred years later.


The story opens in a winter landscape, snow filled the land and cold seeped deep beneath the earth.  Ji shu ( Yi Fuling’s father) walks back and forth in front of a house as the his wife gives birth to their child. As he worriedly glances at the house, an army suddenly arrives and attacked them. It was leaded by Ji Shu’s former lover, the princess of the human clan. Ji Hsu tries his best to protect his family and as they fought, Rui Zhu gives birth to a baby girl.

The princess hearing this was angered further gave chase to them as they escaped. She wanted the child. Telling Jishu to give the child up for her to raise When they reached the end of the cliff, cornered, Rui Zhui was killed. Ji Shu then jumped on the cliff to save himself and his child. Seeing this, the princess saw how Ji Shu would rather die than to be with her, infuriated she shouted to the soldiers that she wanted Ji Shu captured and if dead she wanted to see the body.



Ji Shu then barely escapes the clasp of the princess and  goes to his master Xing Gu Xuan, A Star Court elder.

Seeing the situation he was in Xing Gu Xuan tells Ji Shu

“The God of Shooting stars only descends upon this earth once every century. Bringing to the Lan continent a showcase of shooting stars that will last for a hundred years. After the adults of the Yu clan nobility consume the powder of the shooting stars, they will be able to flap their wings and fly. This time the God of shooting stars was able to get you and your child away from the Rui Clan”

Knowing this he then begs his master to save his daughter, to not let her fall into the hands of those with ulterior motives. Xing Gu Xuan tells Ji Shu that since he is the elder of the Stars Court his hands are tight, Ji Shu then tell him an alternative, for his master to give him a piece of Shura Cinnabar.

Shocked at his request the master reluctantly gave him telling Ji Shu that after He consumes the Shura Cinnabar, his appearance will change. That from that moment on there  would never be Ji Shu on this earth.

Eighteen Years later



Yi Fuling, sees Chinsu (A butterfly messenger). She receives a message from Bai Tingjun


“Ling’er, we have been apart for two years. I wonder if you have grown taller. The school work at the Stars court Academy  is considerably heavy, I won’t be able to celebrate your birthday with you again this year. Star Court is located in a remote area, Brother is sorry for not having been able to get the red bean that you wanted. I’ll first just give you a green dagger for sister to protect herself- Your brother, Tingjun.”

After reading this Yi Fuling sighs in frustration asking what kind of man gives a woman a dagger. Asking herself if Tingjun understood the meaning behind the red bean she had asked for. (A red bean is used to express longing).


str court.png

The scene shifts to the Stars Court, it was the Seven Lantern Prayer Ceremony. A Celebration for the continuing peace and prosperity of the Lan continent. Both human and winged clans were gathered there to celebrate with Xing Yinchi, the current leader of the stars Court. It was custom to have a representative from both sides to come up on the stage for a duel, the victor then will have the right to light the Seven Star Lantern.


The prince of the human kind , Bai Tingjun was called as their representative and Feng Tianyi as the representative of the Wingkind.



Feng Tianyi then enters and tells them that since both sides wants to protect the peace, why do they have to duel. He doesn’t understand the purpose of it. Competing with some punch and kick martial arts in front of a crowd is still not something worthy or to be proud of. If the Wingkind’s Emperor and the Prince if the humankind are really to compete against each other it should be on the battlefield

Xing Yinchi then asks the emperor what he wants to happen. Feng Tianyi then replies that he wants to yield the honor of lighting the Seven Star Lantern to Bai Tingjun.


Bai Tingjun then looks at Feng Tianyi suspiciously and asks him what is he up to. He answer them that he has no other intention other than to give way, emphasizing that in the past few years, the one who gets to light the Seven Star Lantern has always been the best disciples of the Stars Court ergo Bai Tingjun.

The human prince then lights the lantern, on his back the disciple form the winged clan looks at each other mischievously. As he lights up the lantern the chain holding it up suddenly breaks. Feng Tianyi then helps him hold the Lantern before it crashed to the floor.


Bai Tingjun asks his master to punish him for his mistakes but Feng Tianyi the interrupts asking to be punished instead for his mistakes on insisting on a compromise.

But before thing could get worst the Stars Court master interfered  and shows them what had really happened.






Knowing they were caught the disciple under Feng Tianyi kneeled and had asked for forgiveness for their naughtiness and mischievousness


You can actually see how Feng Tianyi planned it all 🙂


Feng Tianyi and Bai Tingjun met after the incident. Tianyi adds fuel to the fire by telling the prince when had the rules changed? Can a prince of the Humankind not show respect when he sees the Wingkind emperor?

Bai Tingjun replies that the rules haven’t changed.

“Who on the Lan continent doesn’t know that I am a prince, not just in name but also in reality-”

(This sentence gives us the idea that Feng Tianyi might not be the all powerful emperor he should be.)

Tianyi looks at the prince with such loathing and tells him that is it wasn’t for their master interfering with his plan, Bai Tingjun’s status as the Humankind prince destroying the lantern would also mean destroying the peace between the two kinds.

Bai Tingjun retorts back by telling the emperor that what he could achieve by doing that. Does Feng Tianyi have the power to represent the Wingkind and go to war? That in th end he would just be sacrificing some of his men, then bows and turns his back on Feng Tianyi



On the other hand Yi Fuling decides to visit Bai Tingjun at the Stars Court but the guards wouldn’t let her in. Determined, she climbs up the mountainside. Then the rope snaps and she falls straight down to where Fen Tianyi is standing.



(When Yi Fuling fell from the skies to Feng Tianyi this is literally the first time they had seen each other. At this moment Tianyi was thinking how he could get something deep inside the Fuyui Mountain Peak when it is guarded by a mythical beast and when she saw her and knew of her identity his plans had started to go in motion.)




Feng Tianyi bends to her and looks at her with such curiosity.



Realizing that she was caught , Yi Fuling quickly finds a way out of this, she threatens Feng Tianyi. She tells him that whether she escapes depends on him. Feng Tianyi then replies that he thought initially of a good idea to help her but he never thought shed be such a killjoy (might have to do with the knife on his neck ).

With the guards coming, Fen Tanyi grabbed her, he quickly covered the knife with snow and kissed her before the guards came.




With the guards away, Yi Fuling angrily pushes the emperor off her, telling how shameless his ways are.

Feng Tianyi then reminds her that if he didn’t do that they would have taken her away. Trespassing on the Stars Court has serious punishment.

Yi Fuling stutters and defends herself which he quickly replies who on official business would have fallen from the skies. As she walks away Tianyi pulls her back asking her where is her gratitude. Fuling tells him not to push it since he has already kissed her.

Tianyi smiles, “Who was the one who told me I was handsome”

Fuling looks at her and says that he is good looking but not as good looking as Bai Tingjun


(Knowing her relationship with the prince you can already see Feng Tianyi’s mind working it to his advantage.)

Yi Fuling then innocently asks him to help her see her brother and he agrees. He tells her that in a few days, the annual Mirror Flower Case competition will be held and Bai Tingjun will certainly attend.

Feng Tianyi makes the pinky promise but then pulls her close to her, telling her it was an appreciation to the kiss they had shared a while ago


As  Feng Tianyi walks away Yi Fuling yells at him telling he is not allowed to tell anyone of what happened between them. (So cute)


Yu Huanzheng, a star court trainee passes as a disciple under the elite team of Feng Tianyi. He was brought forward after he passed the heavy training (Bullying?) they had under gone and Feng Tianyi asks him why of his reason for joining.

Yu Huanzheng gives a well prepared answer.That it was because of his admiration of the nobility and dignity of Feng Tianyi and also because of the elites club reputation.

Feng Tianyi quickly knew he was lying and ordered him to be taken away, Yu Huanzheng then quickly told the truth why he wanted to join. It was because his Family clan had weakened, nobody in his family thinks if him well and if he doesn’t grow up his mother would be bullied forever.


He tells Feng Tianyi to give him an opportunity and he would do everything whatever he says. Feng Tianyi then smiles evilly at him.


And Feng Tianyi agrees.


Yu Huanzheng was ordered by the emperor to  meet Yi Fuling, who was hidden under a large boulder. When he saw what  she was doing, he angrily puts out the fire she was building telling her that it was forbidden to light a fire in the Stars Court without permission. He was there to help her

Irritated, Yi fuling yells telling him is the Stars Court sick, why are there so many rules. She tells him how he could claim he was there to help her when he was harming others.

Yu Huanzheng looks at here confused and asks her if His Majesty wants to harm her?

Yi Fuling catches on Feng Tianyi’s real identity as the emperor, she scoffs that even though he is am important person he still a scumbag. (Her words in literal translationJ).

Changing the subject, Yi Fuing asks him if he was there to take her to Bai Tingjun. Yu Huanzheng gives her a sky grass, giving the ability of supernatural speed in a short period of time. He also tells her that tomorrow is the finals of the Chase of the Mirror flower competition , eat the sky grass then and break through the heavy defenses of the Stars Court and see Bai Tingjun.

When Yu Huanzheng sets off ,Yi Fuling asks his name, he shooks his head and answers that it is not important as he is only His Majesty’s dog. Not catching what he meant Yi Fuling innocently tells him why he would call himself a dog when he clearly looks like a human, drawing a smile from Yu Huanzheng and finally telling her his name


During the competition Yu Huanzheng helps her by putting the guard to sleep then lets  Yi Fuling enter the court. Yi Fuling ingested the sky grass given to her and sudden effect is seen.


With her ingestion of the Sky grass, it also made her dizzy, She stumbled on Bai Tingjun’s arm, shocking everyone present there.

The elders saw her and accuses of her  trespassing. Suddenly the sky grass took a different effect on her which lead her to punch the elder. Thus  further enraging the elders,.

That moment Feng Tianyi interrupts then, adding fuel to the fire making emphasis on how Bai Tingjun callsYi Fuling Ling’er, making their relationship close.

Shocked, Yi Fuling looks at Feng Tianyi and points at him.


Feng Tianyi imperiously look at her. Yi Fuling accuses him of causing everything, giving her the sky grass. Tianyi tells everybody that it was lies, he was there the whole time listening to their Master’s teaching, how could he have time to bring her here.

Bai Tingjun accused Feng Tianyi of his manipulations and they fought when the elders interfered. Ling’er was sent to prison while the incident was further investigated. Feng Tianyi further goads Bai Tingjun and turns his back on him. Bai Tingjun promises to never let any harm land of Yi Fuling.



It was then later revealed what had caused Feng Tianyi’s manipulations. He wanted to  get something he saw written in the Yuan Hai Tian Gong.



Realizing what his actions had aused Yi Fuling, Yu Huanzheng  kneels in front of Feng Tianyi. The emperor smirks telling Yu Huanzheng if he came kneeling because had a conscience of a thief. Feng Tianyi further corners him by telling that there is no such thing as free lunch and if wanted to get what he wanted he has to pay more. Feng Tianyi promises him that he will be protected. Hesitantly Yu Huanzheng answers him that Yi Fuling was innocent, she is a victim.

Feng Tianyi faces him and asks him darkly, If that is the case, are you going to save her?

Yu Huanzheng looks at him frightened answering that he is merely worried of troubling emperor if Yi Fuling rats out His Majesty would be troubled.


Feng Tianyi scoffs and holds Yu Huanzheng by the mouth, his gazed quickly melting Huanzheng’s feeble attempt to lie to him.


“Are you actually worried about troubling me or are worried of Yi Fuling”

Feng Tianyi coldly  reminds Yu Huanzheng that in this world where they live, nothing ever good comes to people who are too kind-hearted.

Yu Huanzheng nods.


Yi Fuling was visited by Bai Tingjun in her prison cell. It was revealed here that the prince has feeling far more than just a brotherly one.



That sums up the first episode of Novoland, and to say it was great is an understatement. I look forward to seeing this until the end, Im looking forward in seeing how the cold hearted manipulative Feng Tianyi softens to Yi Fuling.




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