Gong Hua (公華 (小説)) by Yuwo

“Just who are you?”
I am… a Flower.
Flowers aren’t like you. Flowers can’t move, can’t talk. You…
I can move. I have walked past countless moons.
I can see. I have seen vast fields and oceans.
I can talk. I speak of love, hate, and vengeance.
But, I am still a Flower.



The Tree signaled the others with a sad cry of its approaching death. Not one of the leaves below it is without grief.

Yet before the Tree withered away, it gives birth to a Flower, a Flower that is responsible for protecting the Leaves.

Facing their own most powerful protector,

The Leaves panicked…

A guardian Flower who has lost its tree…can easily become insane.

“We cannot keep him, definitely not.”

The guardian who was abandoned by his own people… was then picked up by humans.

The Humans gave him a name ––– Gong Hua.

A gentle human taught him love. The deaths of his loved ones taught him hate.

Although Gong Hua just began to understand the world, the first thing he finds himself wanting is…


Yet at the same time, he realizes, he himself is a target for revenge as well.

For starters, This is a novel translation done by Giraffecorps , Kudos to them.

and before you proceed, this has some spoilers so if you do not want them just go straight to there site.
 I wanted to post this for quite sometime now, but I had to make sure I really really liked it before I do.
So I am almost halfway on the first volume now and so far it is really worthy of its reputation. It does have a very interesting plot and as the story rolls on you get addicted to it. Before we get excited and all, Ill just say two important things.
First, I have to warn you that this is not romance through and through whatsoever kind of novel.
So after almost reading the first volume I thought that Gong Hua would end up with this guy over there (my cover with the upside down guy) but well the author had finally cleared and all and said Nada. Nope not them.
I was unfortunately also a victim by that misleading plot. Finally realizing this I went online and read some comments, this and that and here I go giving you a caveat. This novel mostly focuses on the fantasy, drama life of the Flower after the Tree died.
Lastly, for the killing move, this is a tragedy.
Yes, this novel will have freaking damn  heartbreaking end. Definitely needed a Kleenex.
I am still reading this despite everything because I wanted to know what happened along the way. What had happened to have such end and to see how the my favorite characters developed along the way. Also its not everyday I stumble along a book in this genre that would catch my attention and make me want to read it and that for me says a lot about the author.
(I just realize that it was the same author of “The Legend of the Sun Knight”)
So to wrap this up :
 Gong Hua is a 4 volume completed novel with the first volume having revenge as its main plot. So far the translation just finished the 2nd volume and the 3rd , form what I have heard snoppin’ around there site is definitely coming along. I kinda cheated and went straight to the afterword of the author on the second volume. And he said that the 3rd installment would be called “Choice”. which I definitely look forward to.
The plot has its own diversity and that makes it eye catching.
Enjoy reading 🙂

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