Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial By 老娘取不出名字了

Young man, granny is 70 this year, is your taste heavy enough?


Ive been gone for quite sometime due to my internship.(-_-)  It feels  great to be in contact again with h my dearest translated babies.

Enough of my moping. 🙂

I’m posting today to ask for my fellow comrades to give of huggable love and support  to such awesome translators for starting this novel

Translator(s)/Translation Group: alyschu of Alyschu&Co.

(I Sound like someone campaigning lol. Sorry guys,my words are sort of affected by the election going on my country right now.haha)

So back on track

The novel just started translating the book on the beginning of the year, so out of the 234 chapters only one chapter have just been updated.

↑↑↑ See ,right there is the reason of my campaign haha. We need a energitical (Im not sure if this  is even a word lol) support to give our translators a boost.

The book has already close its last page on its original lengwahe and all we have to do is wait for the English ones.

I would have to tell you though that this is a reincarnation novel you have never EVER seen before. Or for me anyway. I’m just assuming is same for us guys. :).

The main reason for this is because our heroine had the reverse thing happening on her. See,on most books reincarnation would have them ladies, go to their younger self,or another body. In here, our 25 year old lady was sent to a body half a century older than her.

This really piqued my interest.

She went to a body of a old woman whose life have been full of struggles and tragedies. She was forced to raise her twin sons and successfully put them where they are.

Now her long lost husband suddenly appeared,asking her to cultivate with him.

But how could she even think about?  She is a 70 year old woman whilst her husband had never been affected by the savages of time, cultivating on Void Sea for almost 50 years.


Once she woke up, Su Tingyun had become a 70 year old granny.

After resigning to her fate with great difficulty, deciding to become a rich family’s esteemed mother and residential big boss, she didn’t expect that the scenario would change again.

That husband of hers who had died on the battlefield was now the cultivation world’s deity, and sent people to pick her up for celestial cultivation?

Fine, she’ll cultivate, but how did she accidentally cultivate into someone else’s body?

Changing old patterns up and playing swapping the frame…

Young man, granny is 70 this year, is your taste heavy enough?


(This last sentence had me really cracking up haha . Im gonna give this book a go,and patiently wait for the updates. )

Here the link. (  )

And if you can read Mandarin. Here the sources link. ( )

Hoping your with me on this.


Have a good day ●○●○ Teehee

PS: this is the new site address:   thelibraria


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  1. A la Nibs says:

    Sounds so interesting

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    1. vhimael says:

      It is 🙂 give it a go ..


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