Hua Xu Yin BY TANG QI GONG ZI (On-going


When one reads the very first page of a book, one usually expects to close it with a contented smile on their face.

Meaning people expect happy endings. Truthful enough I belong with those people.
But people such as me needs a dose of reality once in a while. I’m really not into reading this kind of endings but rarely I make an exception.
Since reading a lot of quite interesting views on the comment section I decided to try it.

(I actually do that oftentimes l, reading the comments first before reading.)

And here is my heavily leaded thoughts. I’m just gonna unload it here I still cant get over it, so im gonna share my burde

The novel all in all is a big smash, if, of course you are that type of person thats more into a so called “Explicit Ending”. Or an “Implicit Ending” or lets just say not a fan of a big happily ever after.

If your a writer theres a great possibility you know this but im just gonna explain this two.

This is a explicit type of ending is where everything wraps up, and all those questions marks dangling in your head gets answered. What happened to the main characters (Ah Fu and Mu Yan) are told. Even those endings given to the characters in the sub stories were told.

Like a film director says  his final “Cut! alright people thats a wrap!”.

Second,would be the Implicit endings,which I noticed most of those in the comment section did . This is an endings where the authors leaves the interpretation of the end to us sorrowed readers.

Its a two-edge sword if you ask me. But endings are endings (for most.).
It is what it is for a writer doesn’t mean it’s same for the readers,eh?

When I was reading comments,this particular one actually got my attention.

[chancy426 – I think everyone has different criteria for happy ending. ]

I agree with this. Everybody has its own views of happy endings. For me , there are two kinds.

The happily ever after and the happy then what comes after.

Hua Yu xin falls in the category of the later. Albeit saddening  it is a harsh truth.

In this book what got me the most was Song Nings life story. This made me want to continue reading at the same time stamp my foot in frustration  and just stop reading this book all together. But curiosity always kill the cat they say,in my case curiosity got my brain unable to accept what happened, my feelings high wired.

Happy endings doesnt always mean holdings hands together and running towards the sunset.
Lets just say my implicit ending for this book is that some books end its last page with a kiss while others end with what happens after the kiss.
A very big clue there “LIFE”.

Heres a short summary 🙂
( )

Here a hopefully helpful guide for you.

Start reading here.  Prologue and the first chapter.


Then continue here. Scroll down and find Hua Xu Yin. This is not a word by word kind of translation. Hui3r translated only parts of it, well the most best parts of it so you feel like its jumping through scenes.

( )

But if you want a thorough translation. Kudos to this dear translator.

( )

(So far, this is the longest review I have ever done for a book. And its a very deserving one.)
Enjoy your reading. 🙂

PS: this is the new site address:   thelibraria


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