Till Death Do Us Part (A Tangstory )

He stared, bewitched, at Ch’in Ching standing in the storm waiting for him.
A deep-seated sense of fulfillment blossomed in his heart,
With the haziness of what the French would call déjà vu
–A man holding an umbrella.
The wet ends of his cheongsam.
The rainy music from an old dream.

The story is set on the beginning of the 20th century, That’s around the 1900’s where China is at its turning point. With fate playing at hands Shen Liangsheng, a cunning businessman of his own meets his fated half in the form of an patriotic school teacher, Ch’in Ching.

One then uses his power to calculatingly lead the other into his hands and the other strong willed refuses to give in. They struggled to find a same footing and when it seems like everything would go south?

Fate had installed a different path for them.


Its official, lo . I do really love weekends.  I have been lurking on Chinese BL blog spot for quite sometime and I keep seeing this project. I wasn’t really interested at first but it finally piqued me so I went ahead and read the chapters released. (note:the chapters are released every other friday.)

After reading the latest release, I was like, “Oh, so its this kind of story. ”

Talk about the moves haha. A cold calculative man in pursuit of a forbidden fruit.  My kind of genre haha.

It makes one sigh in envy and wish that even for once in their life,they could meet a person who they could really call ‘Mine’.

Not a perfect being, for no  such man exist but a perfect man fitted for you.

Anyways, As the story is still on chapter 4 out of 27. Theres nothing much to say other than this is a story worth your time.

Enjoy reading 🙂 And pray that Ayzhang-sama  doesn’t give this project up

PS: this is the new site address:   thelibraria


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  1. Eve says:

    The first 18 chapters are translated so far. It is an amazing story: yaoi combined with historical fiction and a complex love relationship, all wrapped up with the lush language of a talented translator.

    Liked by 1 person

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