Mei Gongqing (The Bewitching Courtier)by Lin Jiacheng



Cheng Rong was given a second chance to change her fate, her love. A rebirth story where a woman one step at a time paves her way to achieve what she never had on her past life. Packed with that life’s knowledge she will amaze those around her,catch everybody attention.And maybe this time catch that love she finally deserves.

One thing that got me engrossed in this novel was the pain Chen Rong had from the very beginning, that love she had for so long gave her happiness then pain.

And when it was too much too touch it turns to hate and finally a freedom from that cage, her fiery death.

This story is like watching a newly born, weak chick struggles to rise from her ashes and succeed to become a graceful phoenix.

The first chapter really reached out to me, I’m a sucker for this kind of genre. So if you want to see the end of this road like me, then jump into the ship and lets set sail.

Again,I got this from hamsters First Chapter Series. Its got 200 chaps (has 5 volumes to it) and its already on 23 last time I, its terally long

The story is updated almost every week,with around 2-4 chapters per update . So all that pent up excitement would be worth the weekly wait


PS: this is the new site address:   thelibraria


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  1. Lilpriestess says:

    Hi I love the story so far at ch92. Was wondering if you wouldn’t mind spoiling it for me– I really really need to know who she ends up with because right now I can’t tell– her husband from before or WH– and I so don’t want to be on the wrong ship it will make me so sad and maybe just a little angry but if I know I can guard my heart lol. I know I sound nutty. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d greatly appreciate it. Athough thinking about it, I wouldn’t mind if she didn’t even have to be with anyone– I’m sure she would just love to live in peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vhimael says:

      Hulo,, Sorry to tell you I’m kinda on the same page with you =) I really not fluent with mandarin .so I cant tell who she’ll end up with but.

      Though Im in the Ran Min ship =)


  2. wow, am reading now. I just love stories like that.


    1. vhimael says:

      IKR :). enjoy reading 🙂 It only has 200 chapters ,so the story probably doesnt get too draggy.


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