Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

I found this book while reading Hamster428 first chapter series translation. She has been translating Ist chapters of series. Cool stories there that please I hope someone continues.

This story revolves around Chinese Mythology. A celestial Star and a Puff cloud. Sound fun right?

PS: this is the new site address:   thelibraria

Xiao Xiang (Our cutesy puff cloud) guards the temple of the Moon God for a thousand years, every year passes by in a bleak then one day Chu Kong (Handsome Celestial star) passes by the temple.

That’s where everything started.

and where everything went very wrong. (Or very right haha)

The moment their eyes met a sizzle of dislike immediately ensued, causing them to mess up the red threads of fate on that temple!

Now they have to repay for that great disturbance they had done.

Seven Lifetimes they have to spent together to pay for their sins.

Yay! haha thank goodness I found someone who had translated this 🙂 () The story’s almost reached its end, a good thing for me and for you since It wouldn’t take long for the most waited Fin. its already on chapter 49 running to chapter 54.

Good Eh?

I had a good laugh reading this, its funny how they use loopholes to give reason to their budding feelings for each other. how every lifetime, fate again and again gives them a reason to love the other, to care for that  other. No matter how they turned out in every lifetime there is still care in there for each other. Personally my most fave would be the second lifetime. 🙂 enjoy reading them


Extra extra ! 🙂 Cold Sands just ended. Or atleast I just learned it ended, but my tears  just keep coming like a lose faucet ugh,,, This is the reason I actually found this, I needed something to lift me from that pool of tears hayyy, and viola! I found this.

have a good laugh and a good read.



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