Eastern Skies -Chapter One


Chapter One

“Okay, buddy this is seven-three-seven, Grape Street, Denver, Southeast. And that would be thirty bucks.” The taxi driver said as he wiped the sweat of his off his forehead. The air conditioning on his car doesn’t work making everyone inside that car sweat so much, especially in summer.

Shigure took twenty dollars on his wallet. The taxi driver must have thought he was one of those tourists he could easily fool. He has been living in Los Angeles for five years, and he knew twenty dollars was charge rate of cabs.

“Hey, what’s this?” the taxi driver complained when he gave him twenty dollars. “I said-”

“That’s what I owe you if this taxi has an aircon. But since it doesn’t have one, you’ll be glad I even paid. ” He said emphatically. His English perfect. He got out of the car before the driver could say more. He walked towards the house of Dawn Meyers.

He looked at the two-storey house. The grass lawn had started to wither and dry but the trees around it remained lush green. The windows were closed as well as the door. Opposite to the other houses, where every house in that bloke were wide open to escape the heat wave currently devastating the Colorado estate.

That would only mean one thing. No one lives there. The family must have escaped somewhere colder. If that’s the case he had wasted his time coming here. He should have gone back to Japan. But he needed to see Dawn before Brenna airs Fantastic TV.

Shigure glanced at the neighborhood. There might be a chance that they know where the Meyers went to.

Before he could decide which house to knock in to he heard a rattled sound coming from the backyard. He went to see it, seeing a person with a head bandana and a blue overall hanging from the roof. Her hands were slowly slipping of the roof.

The person is going to fall!

His movements were fast and swift. He went below that person at the exact moment the person fell from the roof.

“Are you alright?” He asked her worried. He realized it was a woman. She was red all over.

The woman had her eyes closed, not moving at all. She lost her consciousness. He rested his hands on her forehead, she is burning hot.

He had an ominous feeling about this.

Looking at her hands and arms they were red, she has signs of heatstroke!

He could not bring her to the hospital immediately, so he had to do some first aid first. Shigure tried to remember what her teacher had done when one of his classmates had a heatstroke because of the summer heat in Tokyo.

Midnight woke when a cold sponge caressing her face, her shoulders, arms, chest. She opened her eyes. A man is busy taking care of her, her clothes already damp from the sponge.

“W-what happened? Where am I?”

“You are having a heatstroke. You were under the sun for too long.”

Midnight observed the man in front of her. Black haired, almond-shaped brown eyes. Like those handsome anime heroes she has been addicted. The man looks like he treaded out of her TV screen and came to life. Midnight reached out to his face cupping them, she stared at him in awe. She had to make sure he is real and not part of her delusions.

“You’re real.” Midnight smiled.

“Here drink this. Slowly. You’re still unsteady. I don’t think you are still inn your right mind.”

She drank. A part of her realizing that she was naked in front of the man, nothing but her underwear and cute man she just met is administering a wet sponge. Never mind that, she did not have enough energy to feel ashamed or wonder at the moment.

After drinking, Midnight suddenly vomited, sending her puke on the man. She heard him swear in surprise. It was in a language she could not understand.

“Sorry…..” She whispered before she laid again to rest.

“Your heatstroke is severe. First aid can’t do much at this point. I have to bring you in the hospital, do you have a car?”

“Y-yeah, the keys are on top on the TV.”

That was the last thing she remembered before darkness over took her.

“She’s okay now, Mr. Mirai.” The doctor stated. “The first aid was really a good decision or else she might have been in danger.”

“Can she go home now?”

The doctor nodded. “You just have to fix the hospital bill.”

Shigure went to the cashier and paid the bill using his master card. He didn’t have any cash on him. One of the nurses managed to get information about the woman she brought. Her name is Midnight Meyers. He is sure that she is Dawn’s younger sister, despite the difference of the two.

After paying he went to see her. A gently smile greeted him upon his arrival.


“You color is back, that’s good.”

“Yeah, back to my old pale skin.” She chuckled. “Thank you, if it wasn’t for your help I might have died of heatstroke.”

“No. Your cause of death would have been because of the fall. What were you doing up there?”

“I fell?” Midnight asked checking for a fracture in her body. “I don’t have any fracture do I?”

“I caught just in time.”

“So you saved me twice already. By the way, are you a Chinese,
Japanese or Korean?”


“You’re tall for a Japanese, Those that I have seen on TV’s are usually goons an-”

He cut off her gabbiness. “Do you know where Dawn is?”

Her expression changed immediately.

“You came here for her?” She asked the lightly shrugged. “Of course, every man who came in our house are always looking for her. Why would you be different? But I think you are already late. Three days ago, she married her boyfriend, Marron. They are in their honeymoon in Europe.”

“Do you know where exactly in Europe did they go?”

“No, after the wedding I came back directly to Denver. It more important to fix our leaking roof before the rainy season comes. But the carpenter my daddy hired did not come. I had decided to do it instead of lazing around.”

Shigure realized Midnight is the kind of person where her gabbiness could lead you to any topic out there. He returned the topic to Dawn.

“Do your parents know where she is?”

“Oh, a different kind I see. Determined.”

“Do they know?” He persisted, ignoring her words.

“Probably. Once in a while mom calls her to check in. Dawn is her favorite daughter, you see. I wish you luck if you ever find them. They are in New York, shopping, sight-seeing and almost every night those two watches a Broadway plays. So, you better give up on Dawn. You can see her after five months and by that time she would be carrying my niece. I don’t think you still have a chance. Of all her boyfriends, Dawns really loved that man. And Marron is also very rich. Really, you don’t stand a chance. So, why don’t you just take me instead?”

Shigure looked at her speechless.

Midnight cackled.

He shook his head. Looks like her mind is still affected by the heatstroke. He had to make sure she stays in the hospital for observation

“Hey, that was a joke. By the way, can you tell me your name?”

“Shigure. My friends call me ‘Shi.’”

“I’m Midnight. I know it sounds weird. But that’s what my parents did. I was born at midnight you see, and Dawn was born at dawn.”

“I think you have to rest, Midnight. Don’t worry about the bill. It’s already taken care of.”

“Thanks Shi. You’re the nicest man I’ve ever met. I’m so glad Dawn didn’t marry you. She’ll just make you run around and give you headaches. You don’t deserve such fate.”

Shigure clenched his fist. He really didn’t deserve such a fate.

“I have to go know, Midnight. It’s nice knowing you.”

I got the cover I used in the story in google image , please let me borrow for this story hehe. if someone ever sees this 🙂


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