The League Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

In Morte Veritas

In Death, There is Truth


The Hell’s new heroes

This is not my usual but here I am posting an English book. Really written in that language not the translation kind of stuff.

Here you go,  Sherrilyn Kenyon is a cemented best seller author and a lot of her books have been best sellers, been  at the #1 New York Times bestselling series and stayed there for MONTHS. You wouldn’t doubt that if you ever read her books anyway 🙂

The League series is an ongoing romance fantasy series set in a imaginary universe a.k.a  Ichidan Universe created by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  And in that Universe the League is the law, the all knowing body. But like everything else , after  sometime, even The League gets corrupted.

This is the summary:

In the Ichidian Universe no one was safe. People were dragged from their homes and killed in the streets- victims of a ruthless tyrant who was bent on being the sole ruler of their entire empire. Those who opposed him and his army formed an alliance called The League which fell under the leadership of the Quorum.

After they put down the tyrant, the Quorum realized that the best way to keep trouble from starting was to cut it off at its head. A separate group of soldiers was needed, The League Assassins. Highly trained and highly valued, they are the backbone of the government.

But not even the League is immune to corruption…

Welcome to a world where corrupt assassination politics dominate everything and everyone- because sometimes the cure really is worse than the illness. It’s kill or be killed. You’re either the hunter or the prey.

But there are those who will protect you. Men and women who come from the streets and from bloodied backgrounds of survival. You just have to decide is they’re better than the ones chasing you…

Or worse.

Sarcastic, loyal, highly trained and lethal, these men and women are the next generation of heroes. They know how to laugh in the face of madness and danger, and to endure the worst The League and their enemies can hurl at them.

Most of all, they know to fight and protect.

The war is on…

The books is divided into two generations. the story of the parents (Mains) then the story of their children. The second gen books are Born of Ice and Fire @ Ice. They will be continued when the stories of the first generation is done and Kenyon said there is no definite no. for these series so we’ll probably hear a lot of cool stuff from the Ichidan universe for a very long time, not that I  mind 🙂 This is currently on its 9th book and this is the reading order with the summary.

On my previous posts I have been posting sites where to read them, but since this is really an english licensed series, I doubt there’s a site to read them. You can buy them on amazon or Barnes and Nobles  it is really worth it 🙂

Sherrilyn Kenyon - The League 01 - Born of Night

Rogue League assassin Nykyrian Quikiades is charged with the protection of Kiara Zamir, whose father’s political power makes her a target for the Ichidian Universe’s most deadly assassins. Along this journey, Kiara shows Nykyrian that he is not the monster he thinks of himself as. She shows him love the way no other has. For Nykyrian, what started as a job turns into an obsessive need to keep Kiara safe. Along the way, he must face his most powerful adversaries as well as the entire League force hunting him and his charge down.

Sherrilyn Kenyon - The League 02 - Born of Fire

Syn has been trained by Nykyrian to be one of the deadliest assassins. But his shady past comes back to haunt him and now he’s being hunted by the law. Shahara Dagan is the best bounty hunter in the Ichidian Universe. She has been charged with finding Syn and bringing him to justice. Now, Syn must prove that the charges against him are false and convince Shahara to help him prove his innocence. Shahara must decide between her brother’s friend and her job to bring him in.

Sherrilyn Kenyon - The League 03 - Born of Ice

Devyn Kell has left the League. But it’s not likely that the League will let him go without a fight. Now working as a runner, he has acquired the help of the mysterious Alix Garran as his systems engineer. With her affinity for all things mechanical and her lack of ties to any friends or family, she’s a perfect choice for the rogue’s crew. But as both of their pasts catch up to them, the must now fight for their freedom and for each other


The League story with Adron (son of Nykyrian and Kiara). Adron Quiakides was the fiercest of the League Assassins. As his father before him, none could touch him until the day he traded himself for a pregnant hostage.

Butchered and left for dead, he barely survived. That single act of kindness cost him everything and left him emotionally and physically crippled.

Livia typpa Vista is a noblewoman trying to escape a horrifying marriage her father is forcing her into. When she mistakenly sits down at Adron’s table while fleeing her pursuers, she has no idea that by running from her fate, she meets her destiny.

(This is a short story with less than a hundred pages, but Sherrilyn Kenyon said that maybe someday she could go back and revamp the whole thing into a full novel. I hope she really does 🙂 )

Sherrilyn Kenyon - The League 04 - Born of Shadows

This book focuses on Caillen Dagan, younger brother of Shahara, who is arrested in the process of taking the fall for another of his siblings during a smuggling gone wrong. He is sentenced to death only to be saved at the last minute by a man who claims to be his true father: The Emperor of a massive star empire who brings Caillen back to his home planet despite the smuggler’s skepticism. His love interest for this novel is a Princess/Royal Guard of an empire dominated by warrior women and ruled by an ice cold monarch, Desideria.

Sherrilyn Kenyon - The League 05 - Born of Silence

This is the story of Darling Cruel A.k.a Kere the Caronese god of death and her lady love Zarya starska.

Sherrilyn Kenyon - The League 06 - Cloak and Silence

Now it’s Maris moment. A fierce Phrixian soldier.

Sherrilyn Kenyon - The League 07 - Born of Fury

Hauk’s Story ! One of the founding members of Sentella and considered as one of the  fiercest Andarion warriors ever born.


This  is Talyn Batur’s Story.

 (I guess you can say this is also a second generation book since he is the son of one of our main. I cannot do some spoilers so yea you have to read them.The author had to write this because  next book (scroll down :)) would reveal a lot of this books plot that why this was published first. )

born of defiance

Fain’s Part 🙂

(Publishing date . November 03. 2015)


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