Chapter Ten- Love Rules


An ending to a story gives a lot possibilities, Those what ifs that we as the readers are allowed to create to imagine

This is the last chapter for of the first book 🙂

Chapter Ten

That’s days passed by so quickly, It wasn’t hard to explain to Brenna why he had to get Romina out of  that hotel since Romina also went in to act.

Seeing her, he could not see any trace of the sorrow she had last night. Anyone who sees her can tell she is a woman in love. Marshall knew deep inside of her Romina loves him as much as she hated him, for deceiving her, for telling her everything was scripted.

They had just wrapped up the photo shoot for the calendar, currently they were in the dressing room. He was sure there are still hidden cameras in the room. As far as Brenna knows they are really together. Being together means being sweet and caring with each other. They hugged and kissed each other, a lot during the shoot, but know that they are inside the room, Marshall decided to give a space to breath.

Romina is presently removing her make up, he wanted to  ask her a lot of things, how is she, about what happened last night, but in the end zipped his mouth.

If it wasn’t for the camera …….

She didn’t utter a single word and is just putting a moisturizing cream in her face. He glanced at her, even without make up she is still gorgeous, no questions asked. She could have any man she wants, she is easy to love even a fool could see that.

Venezuela is known as the home of the most beautiful people in the world. He even heard a joke once that even a waiter would have the genes to enter the entertainment industry.

But despite this she remained pure, innocent. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and anyone can see she is clearly liberated in all things. He could only think of one reason why she remained like that until this time. Romina had waited for the right man for her.

And he was it!

He couldn’t help but wonder why him?

Romina turned her head on him.

“You have been staring at me, Marshall.”

He smiled, and said the scripted words he had memorized.

“You’re just too beautiful.”

“Hmmm, and here I am thinking you are sad we are parting ways.”

“P-parting ways? ” His mind blanked

“Our shoot is already over. My flights scheduled 7 pm , I go directly to the airport after this.”

He overlooked it. Marshall thought they would still be together for another day.

“I thought will be leaving together, My tickets is scheduled tomorrow.”

“My things are already checked in by Caitlin in the airport” She stood up.

Is that written on the script? It was so sudden, he was having strange feelings about it.

“Well? Are you going to see me off?”

“Of course.” He reached out to hold her hands. “I will miss you.”

“Email me love letters then, Love. Call me if you have time.” Romina whispered.

“I’ll do more than that. I’ll visit you there. We’ll be together again.”

He felt her hug tightly around him, she is trying to hold her tears. The revelation would happen in Venezuela, in there she would reject him and make it look like he was nothing, waste of a man.

But in that moment, in the eyes of everyone they looked like two people in love. The sadness in her eyes are due to their impending separation and this mocked situation.

He cupped her face and held it up, their eyes meeting.

Slowly he kissed her, forgetting his surroundings. Marshall felt like he was back in that place, that night they were together, that night were the clouds hid their souls intertwined together.

After their separation, he knew Brenna had assigned people to send gifts and sent letters to Romina, making her think it was from him. All he has to do was to wait for BHC station to call him for the finale.

The scene would be him going to Caracas. It should have been done two weeks ago, he should have been holding his plane tickets, but until this day no tickets have arrived.

They were late.

He missed Romina already. He wanted to hear her voice, to see her.

“Earth calling Marshall. Are you still on earth? ” A female voice brought him back to reality.

Marshall winced inwardly. He glanced at his back to Sonya seating beside him. Her brows drew together.

“Are still thinking about her? You have fallen for her, this time it’s real.”

“What? No.”

“Liar!” She grabbed the cylindrical object on the table and hit him with it. “You were supposed to pretend to be in love with her! Not to really fall for her! ”

She was angry.

“How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t have any feeling for her? Yes, Brenna might want to end this show with me marrying Romina, but that will not happen.”

She hates me now

“I just feel guilty of what I did.” Marshall looked at his best friend. Sonya might have told him she didn’t have feelings for him already but the way she had acted since he came back refuted all of that.

Sonya is jealous.

Caitlin’s words echoed back to him. She said Sonya had loved one of the players in FTV. Three more episodes to go and he still hadn’t seen that man. He had this feeling Caitlin said that to make focus solely on Romina.

Sonya handed him the rolled paper. “This was mailed to you. It came from the BHC station.”

Hastily, he unrolled the paper Sonya hit him with. He stared at Romina’s face. It was the calendar shoot they made.

Along with it was a letter from Brenna. She is cancelling the show, saying that she would just use the funds to do FTV 2. He doesn’t have to go to Venezuela anymore. He can now stay in the Philippines and have a relationship with Sonya.

Romina had started to feel the changes in her body, but to make sure she wasn’t overthinking things she asked her mother go to with her and consult a doctor.

The result.

She is positively one month pregnant.

Por favor. Doctor, can you repeat what you had just said? Did I hear that right? My hija is pregnant? Or my hearing’s just getting rusty because of my age?”

The doctor nodded. “Si, Senora.  Your daughter is pregnant.”

Dios mio! Milagro! Her mother cried and hugged her tightly. “I’m going to be a abuela!” She exclaimed excitedly.

When they returned to their apartment that’s when her mother remembered to ask who the father is.

“Is it really necessary to know who the father is, Mama?”

“Of course, don’t worry about me forcing you to marry that guy. I will never force, it is your choice.” She answered lightheartedly.

“Marshall Romero.”

“Huh, I thought so, eh. Especially, it’s been a month since you made that calendar shoot.”

“But he does not know my condition and he is coming here, please don’t tell him.”

“Oh, you do not like him already?”

“I want the child to be mine alone. We already decided that we aren’t really meant for each other.”

“Then why is he still coming if you’re already over?”

“Because it was on the contract he signed.” Romina said heatedly. She was getting angry by the seconds, every time she was reminded they would meet again. She could not stomach anymore of is scripted lines.

Romina, by this time is on her sixth week of pregnancy.

Even though her stomach is not yet noticeable, everybody had begun to notice her always getting sleepy and sudden hunger on foods.  She could still hide her morning sickness since it was usually over before the school starts.

The money she earned on the calendar shoot would be used during this period since she had to temporarily stop teaching. A pregnant teacher without a husband is not really a good model for her students.

She would continue after a year.

Romina’s body and lifestyle wasn’t the only thing that changed in her life. Even her whole apartment had its ‘Instant Renovation’. A lot of things were added even her five inch TV was changed to a wide screen flat TV.

Watching the final episode of Fantastic TV made her feel like she’s inside the cinema because of her TV.

Romina held her breath as she watched the finale. Four players were left standing. One of them was the person she wanted to win.

After two hours and all those challenges they had undergone the winner was declared. Romina cried, the winner is deserves it. At the same time she was saddened, a paradox happened.

She stood up to get a tissue, her tears just couldn’t stop coming. Her OB-GYNE was right, during her pregnancy she would be emotional.

She once again stared on the screen.

The world is not fair. For every victory we have, disaster always follow.

The doorbell rang, getting her attention.

It was her mother. Since she learned of her condition her mom moved in with her. The idea of her hija alone and pregnant didn’t sit quite well with her.

Romina opened it. It was her mother, but she wasn’t alone.

“I would have been here earlier if it wasn’t for this man. He got lost trying to find a place. He could not understand a word. I was planning to watch on the sides, but seriously he looks so pathetic I have to help him. ”

She said pointing to man behind him carrying a humongous luggage with him.

“Mama! That is Marshall!” Romina said, stunned.

“I know. I invited him for dinner. He still hasn’t eaten since he landed.”

“Romina’s your daughter?” This time is was Marshall’s turn to be shocked. “But I have been telling you she is the woman I am looking for.”

“And you think I would just lead you to see my daughter without knowing what your intentions are? Never mind that”, put your luggage inside, I’ll prepare dinner.

She said then left the two of them.

Romina craned her neck outside the door.

“That’s a first, no cameraman hanging around you.” Romina commented icily.

“I came alone, Brenna canceled the show. She is currently busy on the production of Fantastic TV 2.

She blinked, once, twice. Canceled then why……

“Then why are you still acting?”

“I’m not. I came here using all my savings and to tell you that I love you Romina. ”

“You are late Marshall.”

“Late? You do not have feelings for me? You have found someone?”

Romina nodded. “I am not a woman that can be caged by depression. I continued living for my life. And I met a man, a man who loves me, only me. And I’m already pregnant. ”

Marshall paled.
“I’m sorry, but you are late. If only you had realized that earlier.”

“I quit my job, I left my life and my country for you Romina. I have trying to dictate myself that Sonya is the woman for me, but I cannot do it. I can never love her because it was you all along.  ”

“I am getting married.”

“Precisely, getting married not married. Please marry me instead of that man. That blessing you’re carrying, I will accept him as my own, please I promise to make you happy. Just come to me Romina.”

She shook her head in anger. Romina pushed him outside.

“Get out! Leave me alone. I don’t want you to be a part of my life.” She stated with clenched teeth.


“What do you want me to say to make you leave!?”

During that fight a voice pleaded.

“Oh, for christ’s sake, have pity for my best friend Romina!”

“Sonya!” Marshall bellowed at the woman who entered the room from the window.

“Sunny, why are you here?”

“Do you think I let your story end like this? No, my conscience cannot take that. Especially that, errr, this started because of me.”

“What!” Romina and Marshall said at the same time.

“Look this wasn’t my idea. It’s Brenna’s, okay? I blackmailed her in making you two do the reality show. On that island, I have seen how Romina loved you. Then when you came home, you had this absurd idea to marry me. I had to do something, to make forget about that idea. We both know you love me, but not that kind of attraction you have for Romina. I can’t ever compete to that. And besides of all the woman who had fallen for you, I like her the most. Even a fool can see she’s perfect for you. Since I don’t have that connection to make you two meet, I got Brenna do it.”

Suddenly, the door on the hallway opened revealing no other than Brenna herself.

“”Damn it, Sonya! You are ruining the shot! You are blocking the camera. And you are not included in this scene.”

A man holding a camera appeared beside Brenna.

“What the hell is going on!” Marshall said, he was angry.

“We are filming your last scene with Romina, Marshall” She explained. “Don’t ruin it Marshall, we haven’t had a goodnight sleep since Sonya called me telling you suddenly rushed up her to see her. It’s a good thing, New york a closer to Venezuela than the Philippines”

Marshall’s eyes bore into hers. He was furious, Romina stepped back.

“You in this? You set me up?”

“I am only returning a favor. I’m not a saint, do you think I’ll just let everything go?! To let it slide just like that? Forget it!” Romina shouted at him. “And besides I needed the money for my child.” She whispered.

“Women! Don’t you have other things to do but to control my life!?” He said vexed. “You are making my life miserable!”

Everyone in that room silenced.

“What are you going to do Marshall?” Romina’s mother asked the still angry man.

“Well?” Sonya seconded.

Marshall looked at her and sighed. She looked away.

“I want her.”

Romina snapped her head to him, he was pointing at her.

“To be my wife” Marshall said and darkly added “And you, Brenna, are going to pay for the wedding.”

“No problem, this show will end nicely with a wedding” The executive produces said happily.

“About that we will talk about that later, pack your things Brenna. All of them right now. We are done”

Marshall glanced at Sonya.

“You too, Sunny, we’ll talk later. Go with Brenna.”

“Me too. Take care of my daughter, Marshall.” Her mother whispered as she passed by them and walked out of the room before any of them could answer back.

Everybody moved quickly. In an instant everything was packed. Marshall made sure that no hidden camera or microphone slipped past him.  The ‘Instant Renovation’ that has happened to the apartment was removed.

With everybody gone she said nothing and sat in front of the still opened TV. Marshall was still pacing around the room angry.

After a while he sat beside her.

“We will get married, Romina”

“I am pregnant.”

“I do not care. When the child is born, he will know me as his father and no other else.”

She smiled, happiness swelling inside. Romina whispered to him.

“That’s good to know since its yours.  Just really wanted to know what your feelings are. I don’t want to marry that Marshall in Hawaii, who was only pretending to love me. I’d rather be alone.”

“Romina, when I left Philippines, Sonya made me choose. I chose you.” Marshall wrapped her in his arms.

“I thought she will never be a good leader, that she wouldn’t less about her members. But even after TFV she still cares about me, still looking out for me. She really did give you to me, Marshall.”

Romina kissed him.

When Brenna came yesterday, she did not believe Brenna’s claim of Marshall really falling for her. The thought It was still part of the show, she went along with it.

But him suddenly showing himself, asking to marry her in spite of her being pregnant. And He still persisted when she said it was from another man.

That was enough for her, Marshall loves her.

He is  mine. His heart , his soul. All mine at last.

“Will you marry me Romina?” He asked in between their kisses.


Romina felt like she won ten million dollars.

—- Fin——–

Okay that’s the end of the story 🙂

I cannot say that the story made my heart go fluttering thingy like that but it is a good one.

We will hear more of this couple as the series progresses.

Reading this (Again), made me realize that  every story has no ending. Well, depending on the reader anyway.  The ending of the story always depends on the reader.

It makes you think what will happen to them after reading the last page of the book. Will they really get married?  Or like What if Romina dies? Or What if After marrying they decided to have an divorce?

OR of course the wanted ending of all, ‘Happily ever after.’

An ending to a story gives a lot possibilities, Those what ifs that we as the readers are allowed to create to imagine

What we see as the end is just a beginning for them 🙂

Enjoy the next book 🙂



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