Chapter Nine- Love Rules


There are moments in our life that we realize we cannot have everything we want. That there are really things that we aren’t meant to be. In this obstacles we emerge as a stronger person, ready to battle another wave coming in our way.

Life is a battle we want to win if you cannot do it, this is where the word “Compromise” comes in 🙂

“Quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a”


Chapter nine

From the taxi they were in Marshall caught a deserted beach. He immediately asked it to stopped pulling Romina with him. She was looking at him confused and hurt.

From the time he asked her to change until they went out of the hotel she kept asking her what happening. It was also clear she was ashamed of his rejection but he had to take her away from Brenna, away from the prying eyes of the camera all over the hotel.

The beach was bathed in moonlight giving an impression to anyone that they were clandestine lovers. Well except for the fact that Romina was wearing pajamas and he, a plain shirt and black shorts.

“Can you explain what is this all about Marshall!?” Romina asked him, her voice filled with hurt and anger.

Bracing himself.

“Our room has hidden cameras Romina.”


“I’m quite sure those camera Brenna installed in our room has night vision. If I made love to you inside that room, it would be recorded. ”

“You’re getting paranoid Marshall, we aren’t in FTV anymore.”

“This is a different one Romina.” Marshall started. He confessed everything to her.

“I’m sorry but I had to do this show to save Sonya. She accidentally mentioned who won the FTV game shoe to a reporter. She would still be sent to prison even when Brenna managed to stop it before it was leaked in the media. That’s why when Brenna suggested a compromise I agreed.”

Marshall explained with heavy feelings. Romina stayed silent for so long, he couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

“I agreed because I thought you’re feeling weren’t really that deep. That when we meet again you would realize that you only admire for what I have done. Then Brenna and her production crew will pack up and leave.”

“All those things and said to me these past days, they were scripted?”

He bowed his head. “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t love me?”

He looked away. That’s was enough.

“I don’t want to fool and hurt you anymore Romina. I will not save Sonny if it means sacrificing you, hurting you. With this confession, I’m giving my fate in your hands. If you tell Brenna that you already know I won’t blame and if you agree to finish this, you have my gratitude.”

Her eyes sharpened at what he said.

“What ending do they want!?” She asked furiously.

“For us to fall with each other, to get married. According to the script, if they were convinced that you are really in love in me, that’s the time I would confess my feeling and tell you that I only agreed to do this for us meet again.”

“But you never did love me.” She stated.

Marshall closed his eyes, he felt like lowest person in the planet at this moment. Whatever he says will hurt her but at the same time he could not deceive her anymore.

“So what would the script say after the revelation?” She asked with a croaked voice,

“That’s depends on you. If you forgive me and agreed to continue this relationship Brenna will pay for our wedding, but if you don’t they will stop recording. Any other way they would still show our TV special. ”

Romina turned her back on him, her shoulders obviously shaking. She was crying.


She faced him. “How can I be assured this isn’t another part of you deception? Of those sisters?!”

“Before we left I made sure they could not follow us. And I have nothing on me. If it makes you feel better, you check for yourself. ” Marshall explained.

Romina met his eyes as if searching for the truth. He wanted her to believe in him, he’s tired of acting, of lying to her.

She moved to face the endless sea before them, she sat on the beach.  He sat beside her. They sat there for almost two hours, him waiting for her decision and her contemplating what just happened.

“If I continue to act like before the ending would be me leaving you Marshall.” Romina finally said.

“Thank y-”

“Stop” She cut him off coldly. “I will curse and hate you at the end of these. I will tell the whole word that you are not the man they showed you to be in FTV.  That you wanted this for fame and money. Everybody hates Gareth McGuirre because of the thing he had done in FTV, now the world will hate you more for this.”

“I will accept whatever you decide, Romina.”

“Of course you will.” She uttered sarcastically. “Those dangers and shame, they are nothing to you . For her!  Because you love her…..”

This time Romina cried tears falling. Her sobs slowly slicing his heart.

“But doesn’t love you! She will never love as much as I do right now!”

Marshall could only offer his shirt to dry her tears. When Sonya cries on the island he was hurt but hearing Romina’s cries its killing him. Women like Romina are to be provided, loved and worshipped.


“I know, it would be hard to explain to Brenna why I am in this state when we return.” She tried to stop her tears and all he could do was calm her in his arms.

“Don’t worry about that, I could explain it to Brenna. I will tell her I just went to find a place for us to be together to be alone, to make love where to prying eyes are watching. ” He said softly.

Hearing that she started to sob again.

Dammit! Marshall bit his lip. It was the wrong word to use at the moment. He wasn’t used to it. All he said and did was to hurt her.

He knew he was asking a lot from her and all he could give her is heartfelt thanks.

“I won’t forget this. I promise after this I will find a way to pay this. Helping me and Sonya. ”

“Please stop mentioning her name.”

“I’m sorry.”  Marshall felt so useless. All he could was to apologize to her. His dialogues are getting repetitive.

Unexpectedly she held him close, buried herself to him and continued to cry. Marshall helplessly hugged her back tightly.


When Marshall rejected it really hurts, but she never thought that pain could be tripled as she truth is slowly getting uncovered before her eyes. That in these past few days she had once again lived in a fantasy created by Brenna Hawkins.

Yes, Marshall is currently with him, but it was because of another woman. His mind and heart entirely occupied by a woman.

That, in the next few days she again would have to act like everything Marshall do and says are for her, that he loves her. But that would start again tomorrow not tonight.

This night she could be true to her feelings, glancing at his face under the moonlight she saw his guilty face. He’s conscience is eating him up, for what he has done to her.  He knew the pain she was feeling.

All her life she grew up having a damsel in distress image. That she couldn’t fend for herself, a weak, a beautiful empty shell and all her life she tried everything to erase that image. She did succeed but she doesn’t like her character at this moment.

Now, she has to be a princess needed to be sacrificed to save everybody.

I hate it! Nada!

She clenched her hands.

I will not be a sacrificial lamb.

If she agrees to these, there has to be a price. Romina gently held her abdomen. Her healthy egg cells are just waiting.

There has to be a price.

Determined, she gently kissed him. Marshall was stunned.

“Romina! W- What are you doing!?”

“Are you going to deny me again? You are asking a lot from me, you want me save you and Sonya and yet you couldn’t give yourself to me?” She said coaxing him.

“This isn’t right. You should give yourself only to the m-”

“Marshall, I am no longer a virgin. You are not my first, but you are the only man I had felt these feelings for. I love you. Please, just give me a something to hold on, a beautiful memory.”

He looked at her surprised. He must have thought that she was still innocent, an untainted woman.

She kissed him again this time slowly. Yes she is upset with him but her love is still there.

If he would not love her, Romina will have his child.

She felt him slowly giving in; taking this chance she pushed him down the sandy beach. Meeting his gaze, his eyes were starting to have a glint of something, a spark.

Romina smiled to herself. She removed her clothes.

The clouds drifted slowly to the sky, covering the moon. As if the moon itself has hidden behind the clouds to give these to souls a moment together.


Marshall woke with the strays of the sun peeking from the horizon. His hands stretching to his sides, he paused when he cannot feel anyone panic engulfed him, immediately he woke up and looked around him.

Marshall relaxed when he saw Romina not far away from where he was. With her back against him, she was gazing at the sunrise with no care with the world around her, water licking her feet.

She looks purely enchanting.

Marshall cannot remove his eyes form the scene, from her. The first time he saw her on that airport he was already caught by her. On the FTV he was amazed by her fortitude and in the past two days he had finally seen who she was.

Romina is indeed beautiful inside as she was on the outside. If he could only love her, but he couldn’t turn his back on Sonya.

Sighing he grabbed his clothes. He was about to put them on when something caught his attention.

Blood! On him!

How could that be? He didn’t have any open would?

He looked at Romina as she approached him. A notion budded inside him.

“Let’s go back, Marshall.  I ‘m hungry.” She said there a tranquility seen in her eyes.

“That blood that was yours!” He remembered the resistance he met when they were together. He didn’t much a thought with his emotions going overload last night.

She was a virgin. He took advantage of a heartbroken innocent woman!

“Forget about it, Marshall. What’s done is done. It won’t happen again.” She said as she passed him.

Marshall followed her with his eyes.

She gave herself to him for her to have a treasured memory.

For Marshall to never forget her.


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