Chapter Eight – Love Rules

In Germanic mythology, a dwarf is a being that dwells in mountains and in the earth, and is variously associated with wisdom, smithing, mining, and crafting. Dwarfs are often also described as short and ugly, although some scholars have questioned whether this is a later development stemming from comical portrayals of the beings.
In Germanic mythology, a dwarf is a being that dwells in mountains and in the earth, and is variously associated with wisdom, smithing, mining, and crafting. Dwarfs are often also described as short and ugly, although some scholars have questioned whether this is a later development stemming from comical portrayals of the beings.

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Chapter Eight

The calendar photo shoot was moved after lunch time when Aurelia dragged Romina to go shopping, because of that there would be a possibility of it to be extended for the third day.

It’s a good thing Marshall asked for a weeklong vacation. The problem is, the situation he is currently neck deep in.  He feels like being crushed between two strong forces and whatever he decides to do would hurt one side or the other.

He agreed to Brenna’s contract to prevent Sonya going to jail, but him seeing Romina would still hurt her, he didn’t believe her when she said she’s already over him. He could still a hint of sadness etched into her eyes.

On the other side, there is Romina. According to the deal he made with Brenna, they would stop this the moment they could prove that Romina doesn’t love her.  But in turns out she really likes him, the camera didn’t lie about her feelings on FTV.

Now, Marshall does not have a choice but to follow the script. Brenna still had not told him when she will reveal to Romina everything. That this is just a reality shows. He could not almost imagine her reaction if she learns the truth. At the moment he has feelings for Romina and he was just doing everything according to the script.

Marshall props himself to the bed, looking at the white plastered ceiling. He knew there were hidden cameras on the room, even outside the room. It was easy to install them since the hotel was owned by the sisters, even the restaurant they have eaten.

He could not stand the idea of hurting and deceiving Romina, but he could just let Sonya got to prison.

Happening last night came back to mind, the kiss they shared, the hugs they have shared. He couldn’t deny the obvious attraction between them. Yes, he is attracted to her, after all he is a male specie in his prime and she is the most beautiful woman he had ever met. A plus that she also loves him. He even learned they had a lot in common. This made him inexplicably happy.

He raised his hand and put it on his beating heart. They were beating fast, is he starting to like her? To love her? Or it’s just him getting overwhelmed in her beauty? If Romina didn’t have those from the first place will he ever take notice of her?

To tell the truth all his girlfriends had been gorgeous and beautiful to fault but at the end of the day he had always stayed in Sonya’s side.

He closed his eyes, if he was to choose between them, Marshall knew. Hands down it’s Sonya. He felt hurt for Romina.

His thoughts were brought back by the doorbell. Standing up, Romina had returned.

Sighing deeply he started to walk to the door, he readied himself. Opening the door found himself face to face with Caitlin.

“How are you?” she said to him directly.

“I’m getting swallowed up by my conscience, Caitlin. We have to tell her the truth.”

“Have you fallen for her?”

“What’s has that got to do with this?”

“Because if we tell her that this is one of Brenna brainchild, she will get angry and hurt, but if you tell her you love her and this was the only way for you to be together she might forgive you, all of us. The show would have a happy ending. So, are you in love with her?”

“I can’t love her, you know that. Sonya would get hurt all over again.”

“Are you in love with Sonya?”

“She’s the only girl who is constant in my life. I need her in my life. She is more than a sister, I love her.”

“What kind of love is that? If its love without passion that is still friendship, no matter how important she is to you. Love between a man and a woman has heat, fire and lust. If those aren’t present then that love is of a different kind. Now, if that love you have for Sonya is true you are in a big, big disappointment and heartache. ”

“No, Sonya is still in love with me. She’s still hurtin-”

“Yes, she is hurting but that isn’t about you.”

“What! Who?”

“Watch FTV.” Caitlin answered meaningfully.

“Are you saying she fell in love with someone in the show after I was eliminated?”

Caitlin nodded.

“That’s impossible and if she indeed have fallen with that someone, he is definitely a rebound.”

Caitlin shook her head in response.

“On the rebound? No way. Not with this guy’s charm. Almost all the girls in the show fell for him. Sonya was affected because the guy reciprocate her feelin-”

She suddenly covered her mouth.

“Oopps! I was not supposed to say that, Brenna will see red. This is one of the interesting twists in the show.”

“Who was it? It is one of her teammates?” Since Romina was eliminated, Sonya was the only woman left on the Team Sphinx. Any of her three male members could fall for her.

“You have to watch the show, I can’t tell you more than I already have. Besides, you are to focus your thoughts on your situation with Romina. You do not have to worry for Sonya already. Just focus on your feelings with Romina. You two look good together.”

The first time Marshall saw the Hawkins sister on the interview for Fantastic TV he knew they had his fates on their palms, he never thought that until this moment they still can control him. He felt used and angered by it.

“This is not just for profit you will gain from this. This is a game for all of you. You and your sisters treats  us like puppets for your personal enjoyment.” He angrily accused her.

Caitlin stood there stunned for a moment.

“No, I do not know for my sisters but I really want the best for you two. I want both of you to find love and romance. I want you to have something I will never have. There is no love or happiness waiting for me.”

Caitlin said with a croak voice and tears started to flow of her.

He was taken aback. When Caitlin started to cry loudly he felt like he made a very big mistake.

The doctor Romina met was already on his fifty’s. Doctor Watson Langley is a plump balding man with his thick white beard. Romina smiled to herself. If that man would wear a red suit, it would be like seeing Santa Claus in person, even his jolly personality matches that of the Christmas legend. You could almost see him laughing with his signature “ho-ho-ho!” laugh.

Despite that the man convinced her of his expertise on the field. Men rarely go this kind of field but his life’s problem made him. Today the man enjoys his wife and four children family.

“You’re problem is not hopeless Romina.” He announced to her after some series of tests were done. “You are not really sterile as what you had previously thought. It’s just that your ovaries don’t produce regular healthy egg cells. But once in a while they do. We only need to find or predict when your ovaries will produce those egg cells. You can do this with regular check-ups with any OB-GYNE. ”

“That’s a good news” Aurelia happily exclaimed. “All he need is a man to give a sperm.”

She raised her brow towards Aurelia then everybody laughed. Romina beamed inwardly, she already chose that person be become the father of her children.

“Thank you doctor.” She thanked him.

He gave him a piece of paper, looking at it her eyes widened.

“Surprise!” He said happily. “That is the basis of my findings. You already told me that those last three doctors told you that you cannot bear children. But, with that result, you have a very healthy eggs. They are only waiting to be fertilized. You have two days before those eggs turns to menstruation.”

All her life, Romina had accepted that she would never have children of her own, to be a mother. But fate has different plan for her, and she would not make this go to waste.

This is her luck.

After going to the clinic, Romina declined Aurelia’s invitation in shopping. She had things to do. First she have to make sure something happens between with Marshall.  The man would experience a very subtle seduction all afternoon, that way he would finally give in once the sun has set.

She almost ran to the sixth floor in her excitement. Using her key card she entered the room.

Romina saw a devastated Caitlin and Marshall looking at her lost.

“Marshall what happened?”

“I-I don’t know.”


Caitlin wiped her tears. “This is nothing. I’m just jealous of you two.” Once again she bellowed crying.

Marshall gave a glass of water, she emptied it then started again. Romina looked at the man, like her she doesn’t have any idea to settle her down. Looks like the woman was having an emotional breakdown.

Hearing footsteps coming near, Romina saw his sister approaching.

“Caitlin, what do you think are you doing here.” Brenna exclaimed.

“I’m crying can’t you see!” Caitlin shouted back.

Brenna gently assisted her out. “You can’t do that here.”

Looking at them Brenna excused her sister. “Sorry, this is not like her. Too much stress from work I guess.”

Marshall explained to her what happened.

“I raised my voice. I said some hurtful words, I told her she was meddling too much with our life then she said that she only wanted to give us a happy ending because she would never have.”

“Hmmm, she said that but she is happily married to Devin Winters.”

Marshall’s jaw dropped.

She smiled. “Looks like she got you. She’s like that, frustrated actress I guess.”

Marshall face darkened and gritted his teeth. “Those sisters!”

“Never mind you. If you stayed on Fantastic  Island, you would have get used to them. Anyway we better head now, Kyle is waiting.”  She clasped his arms and led him.

At the end of the day, you will be mine Marshall.

The photo shoot took them until midnight before it was done. Because of the lack of light they went to back inside the studio.

The last picture was about a medieval soldier who felt asleep on one of the towers he is supposed to guard. He didn’t notice a fairy visiting him and giving a kiss on the cheek.

The instructions were to kiss on the cheeks but Romina gave a him a kiss on the lips, surprising not only Marshall but even Kyle. Kyle wanted it redone; he wanted the kiss on the cheeks.

When they returned to their hotel room, he brought it up.

“You did it on purpose didn’t you?”

“To deliberately make Kyle’s brow meet because his pose was not followed?” She asked innocently.

“When you came back with Aurelia, you look so happy. What is it?”

“A woman’s secret. Trust me you don’t want to know.”

“Women and their secrets! That’s why sometimes we don’t know what’s inside those pretty heads of yours. We get headaches trying to know what are planning.”

Did he notice? Doesn’t matter. He won’t escape anyway.

Romina smiled.

Like last night, Marshall treated her like any gentleman would. He didn’t even give her a kiss of hugged her. Maybe he is afraid?

Romina waited for him to fall asleep before she made a move.

Slowly she went to his side and hugged his hips.

He woke up. “Romina? Is something wrong?”

Instead of answering, she kissed him. She took his hands and placed it on her chest. She felt his shock when his hands felt them naked.

“Romina! You’re naked!” Marshall yelled at her.

“I know, they would be a hindrance anyway. So, why don’t you remove yours?”

Quickly, Marshall stood from the bed and covered her with a blanket. He was acting like someone will  see her.

She was confused. Why did he react that way?

Marshall gave her a pajama set, and then directed her to the bathroom.

“Change!” He loudly uttered to her. He was angry.

Inside the bathroom she stood there stunned. This is the first time she had done this. She Thought Marshall would like this she never thought he’d be this angry.

Thinking really hard, Romina realized that Marshall came from a different culture and has different beliefs from her. He must have a low opinion for liberated women. She lowered her head, shame came flooding to her a broken dam.

How shameless.




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