Hilarious pampered consort: Lord I will wait for your divorce


“Beng Wang forbids you to look for other men”


She undoubtedly agreed. She doesn’t have to anyway, its normally them who delivers themselves to her doorstep”

Yay! I found another,

Lookie this thingy goodie haha lol (Pardon my craziness,words just sometimes pop on my mind like…… ugh,never mind that I just do spout words when I get excited, well for the obvious reasons 🙂 )

I discovered this 🙂

Here is the summary,I got from (https://summiesdummyworld.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/hilarious-pampered-consort-lord-i-will-for-your-divorce/).

„Ben Wang says one, you can´t reply two.” In that case she would reply three. Nothing troublesome.

„Ben Wang wants you go to east, you can´t go to west.“

„Yes.“ She docilely nodded. If she couldn´t go to east and west, going to south and north were also pretty good options. It was not a big deal.

„Ben Wang forbids you to go looking for other men.“

„Yes!“ She even more certainly nodded. She does never look for men, it´s generally them who deliver themselves before her doorstep.

So there you go. This book focuses on the life a black bellied leading character as she lives in the palace, meeting a prince, learning that shes pregnant her,memories gone. Those sort of things. I still can’t say much because the translation is on its early stage all I can say is I really like the plot of the story and when your character is branded as a black bellied it’s a sure guarantee 🙂  I like the story so much I couldn’t wait for any new updates, I’m reading on google translate. My gassss that crappy English (Shake one’s head)

and uhh by the way  here is another shocker.

The story is still an ongoing construction, and on its 3145th chapter. (WOW isn’t it?) and the translation is still in 7, imagine that.

A long way to go Amigo.

A very long way.

Freaking amazing Summie’s courage to do this. Fais de ton mieux 🙂 and  Please. seriously do not get sick 🙂 I need my dose of translation :)hehe

Enjoy reading and if you can read in Mandarin or just like me can patiently read in google translate, here’s the original site 🙂


Obstacles are great incentives.
Jules Michelet


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