Chapter Three- Love Rules

In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created entirely from inanimate matter. The word was used to mean an amorphous, unformed material (usually out of stone and clay) in Psalms and medieval writing
In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created entirely from inanimate matter. The word was used to mean an amorphous, unformed material (usually out of stone and clay) in Psalms and medieval writing

I just finished writing it and I honestly dont know what to feel or say for that matter. Anyway A great revelation just happened and our characters are all rendered speechless.

(The best way to have silence is the truth?)

Chapter three

It was five o’clock in the morning when Marshall heard the chopper nearing them.  Looking at the time, he has one more hour remaining before he gets eliminated and he needed at least two hours to reach the starting point.

Carefully shaking the woman on his arms. He tried to wake her up.

“Lady, the chopper’s here.”

She just groaned. Looking at her dirty face Marshall regretted getting eliminated but she was burning hot and couldn’t just leave her there. His conscience couldn’t just do it.

Looking at the chopper coming,three people were hanging from the rope, carrying a large basket. The light directed at them made it impossible for him to see their faces.

“Okay we can take it from here.” A man said as he took the woman off him.

One of rescuers held the basket firmly and the woman was laid comfortably on it. When they took her away one of the rescuers approached him.

“Why are still here Marshall, don’t you need to reach you team?” a familiar voice reached his ears. The rescuer directed the light straight to her face, letting see a smiling face directed at him. It was Brenna Hawkins and she is also holding a video camera.

“I don’t have enough time to reach the starting point.”

“Who said that?” Brenna asked.

“It is clearly started in the rules.”

“Every rule has an exception, Marshall. You should have read the small print on the back of the book. And since I created and made the rules for the game show, I am telling you even if it takes you a day to reach them you won’t still be eliminated.”


“According to the rules of Fantastic TV, the producer has the right to interfere in the rules of the game if something extraordinary happened and I consider your circumstances extraordinary. You decided to be eliminated rather than leaving alone a rival player. In the real world, your actions might not be considered but not in Fantastic TV. You should not be punished for doing the right thing. You earned the right to remain in the game, Marshall.”

He couldn’t believe on what he heard.

“Why are still lazing there for? Start running before your team loses their patience waiting for you.

” Brenna said while laughing at him.

“Thanks Brenna.” He happily said while running to the direction of his team.

“Take care of the girl.”

When Romina woke up, the first thing that went through her mind was Marshall. She quickly combed for him inside the room but found herself alone in the hospital room. She saw her right ankle bandage, it still hurts but manageable.

From her room window she could see the Canopy Hotel. So she was returned to Sanctuary Town.

Her thoughts returned again on the man. He sacrificed his chance to will two million dollars for her. And he did it without knowing who she is or seeing her.

“A real hero.” She whispered. I wonder where he is. Did he go already home to the Philippines? After all once a player is eliminated he has nothing to do on the island. On the other hand the player could still stay and see the Sanctuary Town. The town is made to be a resort, it has a complete amenities, sport and leisure activities and restaurants are everywhere as well as different food outlets.

If the man is still here she is sure he will visit her in the hospital. It doesn’t matter if the reason he visited her is because he learned that she is a beauty or he’s just really concerned about her. Romina smiled to herself. She owed him a lot and she is going to treat him with a dinner in a sea food restaurant at Sanctuary Town.

Romina stayed on the hospital for another five days. The doctors wouldn’t discharge her until she was fully recovered. On that span of time she was waiting for the man to show up but not even his shadow showed up.

When she asked the hospital staff, Marshall wasn’t even with the crew that brought her in the hospital. And about the Fantastic game only the game officials are allowed to tell her anything.

She didn’t want to think the man forgot about her. There’s got to be a valid reason why he couldn’t visit her. He was probably sent off the island. He was sent home already. She felt sad just thinking about it, there’s no chance for them to meet again.

Romina is already packing her things. She’s going back home to Venezuela this afternoon. She once gain opened her travelling bag. Revealing the clothes Marshall lent to her. This is going to be a remembrance of that day. She absently put the clothes close to her heart. She pulled the memory of her wrapped around his arms, protecting her.

“Hello, Romina!”

She winced, quickly returning the clothes to her bag before she turned around and faced the executive producer of Fantastic TV.

“I heard you’re doing better.” Brenna asked making sure she is okay.

She nodded. “I’ll be going back to Caracas; I’ll be waiting fit the premiere of the show there.”

Brenna pulled a chair and seated herself. She is staring at her intently.

“Do you really want to go? Two eliminated players after you chose to stay here and participate in the game.”

“”Are you saying the eliminated players like Marshall can still be a part of the show?” Oh that’s why he wasn’t able to see her.

“Marshall wasn’t eliminated. He’s still playing. Audience is always drawn to players like him. A natural hero. Good for the ratings. Anyway Marshall thinks the woman she saved is Camille, the woman who played the role of a Leprechaun before. She is the first girl he saw with the game officials and staff.  And since he never did get to see what you really look like I asked Camille to play along.”


“To surprise Marshall when you enter the game as part of the production crew. That is if you want to. But if you don’t I could send you home.”

“If I join what would I do?”

“Anything and everything Fantastic Island was conceptualized by sister Aurelia to be an island resort. There is where I got the idea to hold my game show here for good publicity for the resort and because there are already staff here. I just have to bring my production staff. As a player, your character is only to be a Gnome, as a crew you have to adapt according to the situation presented. So for now I am in need of a station master. Would you like to take this job?”

If she agrees, she will get the chance to meet Marshall again. Romina wanted to jump with joy, happiness building inside of her threatened to burst out her. This feeling she is having for the man only means one thing, she is attracted to the guy!

As the master of the Carriage Station Romina’s job is to give each team a horse and carriage they can use to travel on the whole island for a price.

Romina merely waited for an hour when a game official contacted giving a heads up on the two teams fast approaching the station. Her costume was like a ticket officers on train stations, those once you see on TV’s. A long-sleeved blue coat with lots and lots of buttons in front.

She saw the teams approaching. It was Team Sphinx and Team Centaur. Her eyes immediately located Marshall, he was on the back laughing happily with Sonya.

Jealousy stabbed her heart like thousands of needle continuously pricking her. How could she forget the leader of Team Sphinx? The woman who from the very start she considered her rival.

She looked away, she had to remind herself she is here to do a job.

“I need one volunteer from each team.” she asked, determined to do her job well.

Marshall and Sonya held hands their hands together approaching her. There’s no denying of the relationship of the two. They are really close.

Ignoring the ache building inside of her she faced them.

“The price for the house and carriage is a Truth.” She continued to explain. “One truth about you will be revealed to everyone. Not only for the TV audience but also with all the players. This information can be used against you by other players. If you don’t want to them to know you can back out but be warned that your team will not be given another chance to have a horse and carriage. There is another station four days of walking from here where you can get another ride for a different price.”

“The condition is okay for me, I will pay the price.” Marshall quickly stated smiling at her. Although he was looking at her with admiration it was nothing compared to the attention and importance he was giving Sonya.

Romina dragged her eyes away from him and turned to her former leader. Sonya looks hesitant.

“C’mon Sunny don’t be afraid.” Marshall said giving Sonya an encouragement.

“Okay I’m in” Sonya finally decided.

Romina gave a signal to the crew on the station to ready the tape for Marshall and Sonya. It will be showed on the monitor located on their back.

“Who will go first?”

“Ladies first, of course.” Marshall laughed.

“You! Really Mars! Me?!” Sonya replied shaking her heads at the same time walking towards the TV monitor. Sonya went to get the tape; it was a part of their interview from the Hawkins sisters.

“What is the real reason you joined Fantastic TV?” Brenna asked Sonya.

“I was dragged here by my best friend Marshall.”

“If you get accepted here and Marshall fails, are you going to enter?”

Sonya shook her head.

“So it’s clear that the only reason you’re here is because of Marshall. It seems like you are willing to do anything for this guy” Caitlin commented.

“Are you in love with Marshall, Sonya?” Aurelia asked her frankly.

Sonya stayed silent for a moment.

“Do you love him?” Brenna asked softly.

“Yes….. All my life. He will only be the man I will ever love and I will do everything for him.”

The tape ended, everybody was silent. Sonya had her head down, Marshall is shocked and so is she. She thought these two had something going on. Even she forgot what she is supposed to say.

“Werewolf it’s your turn.” Romina said to him. That’s when she saw uncertainty written on his face, as if his feet were made of lead and he doesn’t walk to walk any further.

He took a deep breath, looked directly at the monitor.

“I’m ready.” He stated.

The monitor was turned on the interview with the Hawkins, this time it was Marshall. Romina saw his face blanched as he realized what it is.

“Sonya, who is she in your life? “Caitlin asked him.

“She’s my friend. My best friend, we’ve never been separated our whole life. When she lost her parents, I asked mine to adopt her so we never get to be separated.”

“Are you sure you see her as a friend only?” Brenna teased him.

Marshall laughed. “Sunny is a pretty girl. But I am not attracted to her. I like her. I love like a sister, but that’s it. Nothing more.”

“Why” Aurelia queried.

“Such is life. There is no spark between us.”

“It’s not because you are afraid to taint your friendship?” Brenna asked again, securing the truth.

“If I am into someone, I would really show her I love her. I would also be very physical with her, hug her, and kiss her. But Sunny, she’s like a buddy. I cannot imagine myself falling for her, let alone kissing her. It’s like kissing a sister. Sunny is a girl but she’s more like a guy friend to me.”

“You really do not have a romantic interest to her?” Brenna asked again.

“None, whatever happens I will never love Sunny like that”

The tape ended.

Everybody heard Sonya cry. Romina saw Marshall try to hold her.


Sonya ran and Marshall followed her. After those two is a cameraman. (Translator be like – Seriously, leave the poor girl alone Grrrrrrr.).

On the other hand, their teammates silently accepted the horse and carriage that Sonya and Marshall paid with the truth.

While looking at the fading shadows of Sphinx and Centaur teams Romina’s mind couldn’t stop wondering on the ongoing talk between Marshall and Sonya. Yes, Marshall did say he has no feeling for his friend, that he only sees her as a sister. But learning Sonya’s feelings, there might be a chance that the man would reciprocate. A love would start to bud from that confession.

Those two are best friends, childhood friend and on this day they finally learned what is each other’s darkest secret.

She sighed deeply. She keeps on trying to lessen the pain she is feeling at the moment. She should never have accepted Brenna’s offer if she would serve as the witness to those two’s strengthening love bond.

As a member of the production team she cannot possibly interfere, she couldn’t even talk to Marshall.

“Istupida!” she chastised herself. Again, she let herself fall in love. Even if Sonya doesn’t exist and if she ever happen to meet Marshall outside the world of Fantastic. There is no chance at all that the man would fall for her. In her life, two men had already run out her life once they learned that she couldn’t bear a child.

But it’s too late now. Brenna wouldn’t let her quit. She has to finish her job on Fantastic. She just hope that her feelings would not deepen. She wanted to let the flames of her feelings burn out until nothing is left but darkness.



I think the carriage used in the challenge looks somewhat like this 🙂



Arielle the  author, holds the exclusive rights to this work. I do not own anything. This is a fan translation and is absolutely for free.I do not make profit off of this.  This blogs are for my personal use and enjoyment only and absolutely not for commercial use. Please do notsteal this translation or try to make profit off of it. If this work is officially licensed in English, all distribution of this work must cease. Lastly, please support the writer by obtaining a copy of the original work if possible.

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