Love Rules- Chapter One

The Three Goddesses of Fate
The Three Goddesses of Fate

Translation is quite new for me so I might have mistakes along the, please point them out for me  🙂

This chapter marks the entrance of female lead as we  also learn of her struggles. Talk about about beauty problems.

I’ll be posting a complete list of the contestants  and the characters they play so its easier to understand who’s who. It  will be update  as the story progresses and ill be putting the map in every chapter so it would be hassle free when reading 

Chapter one

When Romina applied in that reality-based TV game show it was not just because of the  money. She also wanted to prove everyone that despite her physical appearance she is also capable and skillful. That there is more to her than just her looks.

The selection process was really tight. It was divided into three types- physical, mental and lastly the interview part. The physical stage felt like you were training in the army. You have to run, swim, climb, and swing from ropes and a lot more .  At the end of the day, those contestants who finished the training in a very short time were the ones advancing to the mental stage.

In here, you are given written tests. If you get score eighty nine and above  finally proceed to the final stage- the interview.

Romina passed the physical and mental elimination process , it was hard but she did pass, if the interviewee likes her then there is a high chance that she would be picked up as one of the twenty-five contestants.

The instant she entered the room Romina felt her spirits take a deep dive down the valley of disappointment. Three women are there watching her approach. She never had a good experience with women interviewers. They always take her for granted. They at all times decry her skills and talents because of her looks.

“You are from Caracas, Venezuela  correct?Can you speak fluent English?” One of the women started upon her arrival.

“Yes ma’am, I am also Fluent in Filipino.”

All three women looked at each other

“Then you won’t mind if we conduct this conversation in Filipino?” The woman in the middle asked.

She nodded. She and her mom stayed in the Philippines for seven years when her mother worked in a recruitment agency who sends nurses to America.

(Just Imagine they were conversing in Filipino  lol )

“Let me introduce ourselves. I am Brenna, creator and producer of Fantastic. ” The lady in the middle started.

“ On my right side is my older sister Aurelia. She is our funder and owner of Fantastic Island where the show is going to be held. On my left is Caitlin. She will handle the promotion and whatever else is needed to make this show running.

Romina couldn’t help but examine them. There ages should probably be between twenty three going to thirty. She couldn’t help but compare these three ladies to the goddesses of fate in the story she shares to her elementary students. That her fate lies in the hands on these women.

“What was your first impression of us Romina?” Caitlin inquired.

Romina quickly schooled herself.She didn’t expect that kind of question.

“Do not be afraid to tell us what you really think.” Brenna added.

“”I was actually  thinking you were the goddesses of fate. Caitlin is Clotho , the weaver of fate: Brenna is Lachesis, the one who decides peoples  fate and Aurelai is Atropos, the Ender of fates or the one who cuts the thread.”

Aurelia laughed. “I see but I think Brenna suits the Atropos better. My sister is quite a war freak, and would always look like she wants to kill someone.”

“I agree.” Caitlin laughed warm heartedly. “As I should be Lachesis.”

“Stop it you two, we are currently in the middle of an interview” Brenna angrily reprimanded his sisters. They started to banter.

Romina smiled at the sight and felt a little bit envious she was after all an only child.

“According to your bio data you are an elementary teacher” Brenna continued. “I bet you like children.”

She nodded. ”They are good companions and I feel fulfillment when I know they have learned something from me.”

“You already twenty five right? You are already in an age were marriage are to be considered? Why aren’t you still married” Aurelia asked.

Every time she was asked that questions, she usually gives two answers: Either, she is busy or she isn’t ready yet to settle down, but standing here in front of them Romina couldn’t bear to lie. As if knowing they would notice her lies the moment words parts from her lips so she decided to to be at least honest with them..

“I cannot bear children. No man would ever marry a woman who couldn’t bear a child.”

“Nonsense!”  Exclaimed Brenna. “Women are not breeding stocks, doubtless those men you met are insipid, yes that’s it.”

“Oh there you go; yet again my sister is showing her feminists tendencies.” Caitlin commented on the side

“Do you plan to live as a single lady all your life?” Aurelia asked her.

“I don’t think it that way. For me I live for the moment. It’s hard to worry for things that are yet to happen. I only want one thing at this moment –  that is to be a participant in Fantastic. ”


One month after the interview Marshall and Sonya at the same time both receive a call from Caitlin Hawkins. Much to their joy both of them were chosen as contestants. They didn’t actually think they would get chosen. so they are frantically panicking to arrange their vacation leave and pack their things.

Caitlin gave then simple instructions.

Pack everything they needed for travel and they should be at Guam airport on the 2nd of March. If they fail to be there on time they would be automatically eliminated.

Exactly on the first day of March they arrived in Guam and on the early morning of March 2, they are already at the airport. They immediately took notice of the people who like them are carrying suitcases.

“Sonya, lets approach those two men watching their surroundings.” Marshall said and pointed at the two Asian men. If she isn’t mistaken they are Chinese.

Nearing them they introduced themselves.

“Hi I’m Marshall and this is my friend Sonya. Are you contestants for Fantastic?”

“Yes we’ve been looking for people from Fantastic.” One of them answered.

“Are you from the production staff?” The other one inquired.

“No. were also contestants” Up close he realized that the first man to talk is a Chinese and the other one is Japanese. Both their English are good.

“I’m Shigure Mirai and this is my friend Jin Liu Shu.”

“Looks like this is really done internationally, I wonder where are the Americans and Europeans?” Sonya asked no one in particular.

But He didn’t notice much of what Sonya was asking about. Like Shigure and Jin, his attention zoomed to the woman who just entered on the glass door. She was wearing simple clothes, black shirt and white jeans but nothing  about her is simple because she looks like an angel in a body of a perfect ten. Her blond hair is braided reaching her hips, he could already imagine those hair loose soft and shiny.

“Kawaii…. Beautiful…” Shigure said in a soft voice.

“A goddess” Jin said.

“Killer-” His words were cut off when Sonya elbowed him.

“What the hell Marshall? Oi, Your mouth is watering”

He laughed. Even Shigure and Jin followed, but their stares keeps on returning to the gorgeous woman.

Marshall wasn’t sure if the woman is a contestant or not but if he let this slide he might never get a chance to meet her again.

“Excuse me guys.” He excused and went to introduce himself to the goddess.

“Here comes the Fantastic production”Sonya said at the same time grabbing his arms. Pulling away from the goddess.

From Guam Airport, Romina and the other contestants were given a lift by a charted plane. They are being sent to an island that according to a production crew measures nine-five square kilometers. The island is surrounded by white sandy beaches and the water is crystal clear. From above you could see the building structures scattered across the island, even the top of the mountain in the middle of the island has a building on top of it.

The plane landed in an airport near the sandy beaches. They were met by their handsome host Devin Winters as you would immediately take notice if the cameramen taking shots.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Fantastic Island! The game would officially start tomorrow, for now we have to arrange your groupings. You will be divided into five groups with five members each. As for the rules of this game, each one of you will be given a rule book. Read and study them carefully. If you break any of the rules, you will be instantly eliminated.”

From the very beginning it wasn’t clear what kind of game Fantastic TV is, Romina hoped reading the rule book would help her understand.

Devin invited them into a large open pavilion on the beach. Beside the pavilion are five small electronic billboards and another larger one placed in the middle.

“The five small billboards will show the status of each of the members of the group during the entire game while the big screen will show the ratings and progress of each group. Each player can get these information and more on the information booths on the places where there are hidden Keys but you have to pay using your life points. It can increase or decrease, depending on your performance throughout the game. So now let’s proceed with the groupings.”

Devin said while pointing a large red box placed at the center of the pavilion.

”This game is called Fantastic because each of you will assume a fantasy character in order to play the game. Whatever fantasy character you picked today will be your character until the end. The moment you ignore the strengths and weaknesses of the character you play, disqualification will follow. Let’s start the draw lots. By the way keep your character identity a secret from your opponents except from your group mates. If you’re opposing teams doesn’t know your characters you will have the advantage since each character has special privileges and power.”

When  it was her turn, she unfolded the paper to see two words written there.

“Gnome” and “Male.” It means in this game she would be a male gnome.

Everybody was done when Devin started talking.

“Those who had picked the characters of ‘Mage,’ ‘Leanan Sidhe,’ ‘Centaur,’ ‘Vampire,’ and ‘Sphinx,’ please come forward.

Three male and two females moved forward.

“The five of you are going to be the leaders of your group. But you must remember that in the game of Fantastic TV that is only temporary. Each of you can be challenged by any  of your members or if you get eliminated you will immediately be replaced. Now then, choose your members by pointing at them. ”

The selection was done instantly. All males where chosen first while females  who looks strong and capable were snatched immediately. Romina felt disappointed when she was chosen last. She was judged yet again by how she looked.

She joined the team where their leader was a female; the leader looks young and inexperienced.

“Now that your teams are formed, You may proceed to the Sanctuary Town, you are already billet at Canopy Hotel and there is a buffet waiting for you. Sleep early and rest well the game officially starts 4:oo A.M to tomorrow. ” Devin said ending his introduction.

By group they started to walk towards the village they saw from above a while ago. Devin calls it “Sanctuary Town”. Two of the contestants purposely went last; one of them is her team leader.

“What do I do Marshall? I’ve never been a leader and how can I make three men and a woman follow my orders when it looks like all they care about is to be pretty and to stay pretty. You should have been on my team but they got you first.” Her team leader exclaimed in Tagalog.

Romina sneered on what her team leader said.

“Sunny calm down. Even if where not on the same group, I am sure you are capable of this. This is just game. And besides the important thing is that one of us wins to the prize money. Even if your team loses, there is still a chance of my team winning.”

She turned her back on them. I guess those two are friends or lovers its useless because once she learns how to get the leadership position she will grabbed that chance to the leader of Team Sphinx.


The team that Marshall joined to was Team Centaur. The man who got the character of Centaur is a giant Australian  named Gallard Wilson. On the other hand, he got would play the character of a werewolf. There team consists of three males on the and two females.

That night in their hotel rooms they discovered the twists on the Fantastic TV game. Gallard hooted loudly as he learned the character of Rowena, one of the she male in their team. She is a Golem, an asexual being. Paul would play Asparas; a seductive female fairy and the tall Ingrid would be a Bogul Noz, an ugly underground dweller.

“This is a riot. I guess only the two of us are still playing male roles. Our team members have changed genders”

Marchall chuckled as his other teammates followed. It looks like their camaraderie started out well. Despite his outward happiness Marshall couldn’t help but get worried on Sonya. Since childhood he had always sheltered and protected her this is the first time they got separated.

But it wasn’t just Sonya who kept his thoughts busy; a certain woman keeps creeping inside his head, a goddess beauty. She was the one of the teammate of Sonya which the latter is annoyed of and based on the looks the goddess was giving Sonya; he thinks the feeling is mutual. A nagging feeling kept him bothered; he has this feeling that something bad is going to happen between those two.


In Breton beliefs, the Bugul Noz  "Night Shepherd") is a fairy spirit who lives in the woodlands of Brittany. He is the last of his kind and is said to be incredibly ugly, a fact which causes him distress. His appearance is so awful that even woodland animals avoid him, and he sometimes cries out to warn humans of his approach, so that he won't frighten them. Though not malicious (indeed, rather kind and gentle), he is always alone because of his hideous visage.
In Breton beliefs, the Bugul Noz “Night Shepherd”) is a fairy spirit who lives in the woodlands of Brittany. He is the last of his kind and is said to be incredibly ugly, a fact which causes him distress. His appearance is so awful that even woodland animals avoid him, and he sometimes cries out to warn humans of his approach, so that he won’t frighten them. Though not malicious (indeed, rather kind and gentle), he is always alone because of his hideous visage.



Arielle the  author,holds the exclusive rights to this work. I do not own anything. This is a fan translation and is absolutely for free.I do not make profit off of this.  This blogs are for my personal use and enjoyment only and absolutely not for commercial use. Please do not steal this translation or try to make profit off of it. If this work is officially licensed in English, all distribution of this work must cease.Please support the writer by obtaining a copy of the original work if possible.

Thanks! Salamat!


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