Love Rules- Prologue


Yay! Our journey begins.I actually finished it earlier than expected so here it is.And also If anyone out there have a good idea of what image we can use as a cover please sent it over lol 🙂

I wont be saying much because NOT all people like to hear spoilers. This chapter would be the first appearance of the male lead of Love Rules and I will be updating the characters in the in the story as the series progresses by. You can view them in the very first post of Love Rules (Introduction and Characters) so its easier to know who’s who. Also this is a 10 chapter long book and a prologue 🙂

Jouir de! 🙂

Although Sonya is busy typing and her eyes focused solely on the monitor brightly blaring at her, her thoughts on the other hand is elsewhere. Her thoughts are on Marshall. They were childhood friends and when her parents died in a fire Marshall’s parents adopted her as their own.

He sees her as his best friend and treats her like a sister. At first she feels the same but when puberty hit her she started to see him in a different light, her feelings slowly changed to love.

A secret love.

Lately she wanted to tell Marshall what she truly feels for the man. On the other hand she doesn’t want to destroy the friendship they had built for years but if she keeps these feelings bottled up inside of her she feels like they would burst out from deep inside her. It hurts every time she sees him take interest in other girls.

And every girl he woes would always fall for him. But they still wouldn’t last, of course it was because of her disrupting everything. She would stick herself to him like a glue during dates. She would intentionally make those girls jealous until they feel insecure and become a demanding girlfriend to Marshall.

Usually his relationships reaches it end when those girls tell him to choose his girlfriend or her. And when that happens it was always her he chooses. He reasons out that he doesn’t like a jealous and narrow-minded girlfriend.


Her heart gave a jolt. Turning around she saw Marshall standing on the door of her cubicle. Even though he always chooses her , he still sees her as a sister. As if he himself doesn’t see that she is also a woman.

Seeing him, Marshalls smile were so wide it almost reached his ears, his eyes were twinkling brightly. Those signs could only mean two things- He has found yet again another woman or she is going to dragged to his next adventure.

“I am busy. Do not disturb me.” She said to him.

“It is already ten minutes before break and besides no one would dare get angry at you I am after all your boss.”

“Mars, you are only the department head, what if YOUR boss sees us-“

“Hes not here. He is out-of-town so for now I am really your boss”  He said dropping a newspaper in front of her.

”And  my news is important it cannot be delayed. C’mon Read that ad in the ad section. It’s about a new reality game show called Fantastic TV. The winning prize is two million dollars! That’s more or less one hundred fourteen million pesos! If we win we could start our own business like what we had always wanted to do.”

She read the newspaper. It is an international game show. Anyone can join no matter who you are or your nationality is so long as you meet the requirements.

“And the requirements fit us exactly. We’re both single, physically fit, smart, attractive, willing to take the risk and adventurous.

“Mars, they are only getting twenty-five contestants and there are a lot of people out there that would fit that requirements. And look at the date they started to accept and interview applicants? It was last Monday and todays Friday. Surely they had already pick-“

“Don’t be pessimistic, we can still make it on time. We’ll be taking an early out, half day then by that we could still apply.So finish whatever you have to do by one o’clock we are leaving.”

As much as she wanted to protest she couldn’t, it’s useless. In the end she will still go along to Marshall decisions . And her following him wasn’t because he is older by three years or because she was in love with him. It is because he has long proven that he knows what he was doing.Marshall is good when it comes to decision-making. A proof of this is his fast rise to position in the company. His boss trusts him implicitly and so does she.



Arielle the  author, holds the exclusive rights to this work. I do not own anything. This is a fan translation and is absolutely for free.I do not make profit off of this.  This blogs are for my personal use and enjoyment only and absolutely not for commercial use. Please do notsteal this translation or try to make profit off of it. If this work is officially licensed in English, all distribution of this work must cease. Lastly, please support the writer by obtaining a copy of the original work if possible.

Thanks! Salamat!


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