Translation(Fantastic TV Series)


This is the actual map of the Island 🙂

The books were delivered to my doorstep just this afternoon.I am sooo excited, haha

After finishing all my stuff at the University, its exam week for us,  I will finally have the time to do this, this Idea actually started poking into my head when I got hooked up in Chinese novels.

I was like okay, there are also a lot of good stuff in Filipino too why not share it to those interested. So I searched for the very first book that really got me  interested in books, it was this one, written Tagalog my native language.

(Ugh It was so hard to find the book since it was published in 2006, and reprinting was well, impossible.The hardship just to deliver my babies safely hayyy Tears of joy :))


I will be posting chapters maybe once or twice , depending on my time, since I still have to take my summer class,but I will try my best to do it as much as possible. This project is quite big but I intend to finish it so there ever come a time that my updates where quite long in between be understandable 🙂

the series is divided into four parts totalling to 12 books


Part I – Legends 1 – Love Rules

Legends 2 – Heart’s Creation

Part II – Magic Realms 1 – Eastern Skies

Magic Realms 2 – Northern Fires

Magic Realms 3 – Southern Storm

Magic Realms 4 – Earth Goddess

Part III – Danger Quest 1 – Danger Zone

Danger Quest 2 – Life’s Hazard

Danger Quest 3 – Lethal Dose

Part IV – Ever After 1 – Valiant

Ever After 2 – Invincible

Ever After 3 – Rapture


Arielle the  author, holds the exclusive rights to this work. I do not own anything. This is a fan translation and is absolutely for free.I do not make profit off of this.  This blogs are for my personal use and enjoyment only and absolutely not for commercial use. Please do not steal this translation or try to make profit off of it. If this work is officially licensed in English, all distribution of this work must cease. Lastly, please support the writer by obtaining a copy of the original work if possible.

Thanks! Salamat!


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