Fantastic TV Book series by Arielle

Fantastic TV Series

One woman would emerge as the most beloved heroine of the TV series.    One man would become the most hated villain.
One woman would emerge as the most beloved heroine of the TV series.
One man would become the most hated villain.

Fantastic TV Is a  reality-based TV game show. This show will be based on an island resort in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. styled in a fantasy world inhabited by creatures such as fairies, werewolves, goblins, vampires, etc.

Twenty-five contestants from different parts of the world are going to compete for  two-million dollar prize.

One woman would emerge as the most beloved heroine of the TV series. 


One man would become the most hated villain.

Good vs. Evil?

Love vs. Hate?

Who will triumph at the end?

No one knows,

 Only the beautiful , amazing creator and executive producer of Fantastic TV Brenna Hawkins could decide who triumphs at the end.

This series was actually the very first book I read that lead me to my addiction to books and that was in my high school imagine the horror of my dad. He considers reading pocketbooks quite a distraction for a high schooler me back then.

(Yea, you only appreciate your parents doing when you grow  enough to realize that all they did was for you 🙂 )

But of course I was hardheaded young buck who thought I can take on the world. (Palm faces and shakes my head. ugh those times)(-_-), at least the good outcome from sneaking these books was that I got to finish it and really did enjoy.I am proud to say that this is an all time favorite series along with Harry Potter but come on who isn’t a fan of J.K Rowling(Shrugs).


Arielle is known romance writer in the Philippines, and she got the idea of this series from her fascination to reality based television shows, in sports and mysteries. Most of all from her niece who is quite a gamer of Playstation 2 where she plays with him with Role Playing Games. She  describes that in those RPG games, a player can become any kind of character (werewolves, fairies, heroes, heroines, warriors, wizards etc.). That’s why each of the game players in Fantastic TV were given a fantasy character, like Jinni, Mage, Incubus and so fort.

Fantastic TV is also a twelve book series divided into four parts.

Legends- 2 books
Magic Realms- 4 books
Danger Quest- 3 books
Ever After – 3 books

I actually ordered a whole set of the book and is yet to arrive in my doorstep. Unfortunately my copies years ago got lost , I do not know where it went. It was hard to find this since there wasn’t a reprint and this was published  back in 2006? I guess.

Anyhow I decided to do a fan translation of this series (I even went to check if this was licensed in English it’s not -_- ) for those who cannot read it to the original language (Tagalog). I know how it feels not to be able to read a book you so itch to read because of language barrier ugh. This would be for my  personal use and enjoyment only and absolutely free. Also take note that Arielle hold an exclusive rights to this great work, I do not own anything 🙂

So there you go, I will posting it by next month I guess. Ill start with book 1(Legend 1 – Love rules)

You can view the her site about the books here (



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  1. vhimael says:

    t wWahhhh,, thank you 🙂 Kamsamida ,,, I know I know right,, it was hard to get the copy of the reprint I haveknow,, and mines a second hand .. thankssss 🙂


  2. jensine says:

    Woah just woah. I totally agree with your review of the fantastic TV. It was also my first read of Filipino pocketbook thats not clichè and it was when I was still in HS. Tho unfortunately I wasnt able to collect them all because I think it was pass the selling time in the bookstores way back.Since then it has become one of my classics. I still look forward into having a copy in all of them, I’m keeping watch if there’s a reprint hahaha. Goodjob for the effort of translation btw👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

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