Chu wang Fei by Ning er (楚王妃 – 宁儿 )


If your interest lies on any time travelling, soul switching thingies and you can read mandarin ,  this is a good one 🙂

Honestly I can not say much about this because it is still being translated credits to superlatives ( and still currently on its 6th chapter

Pretty much a baby, but I am patient and could only give silent encouragement for superlative. Fighting!!!!!! (this mortal here cannot read or understand any Mandarin so there you go silent encouragement haha).

There are only two things I could say about this book

First :The good news is it has a happy ending. A good one at that based on my vigorous searching (-_- wipes my brows)


Secondly: The bad one (Its not yet finished in the original language and as you all know Chinese novels could go from to hundreds of chapters or so to thousands.Yea, you start to sweat just reading it. (0o0) Wew

And the our female lead is STRONG I tell ya, Boy 🙂 you”d enjoy reading her encounters to different characters to in the story 🙂

Here’s  a brief summary

The young mistress of the Yun family is weak and cowardly, everybody knows that, as she killed herself by hitting her head in a pillar when her engagement was broken.

When she wakes up, she surprises everybody, She had a taken a drastic 360 change, the mistress was no longer weak, cowardly. She turns to a cold, unfeeling lady. Her icy voice resounding across the hall  freezing people in fear.Who would have thought the occurrence at the palace made her soul , spirit get switched, 

In this world, where everyone is on his own, where people deceive and lie to each other, where families plot on each other, where conspiracies and intrigues run rampant, destroying every noble beings there is.The her, raised hidden from this ,poses no harm at all

But what if she is no longer the lady raised hidden from the cruel world?What if between those soft smiles hides a charm so lethal it could bring forth total destruction to those in her path?

If you like it just go to superlatives site XOXO


2 Comments Add yours

  1. vhimael says:

    Yuna:). Im sorry but i cannot read mandarin, ugh i wish i could, i tried to learn the language but without a partner its pretty much lost in the sea. .
    So like you ,among any CWF fans, Im patiently waiting for the update week by week,,
    Well to cover for the waiting time you could read others?. I could recommend you some.


  2. yuna says:

    can you make snippet for this novel..
    really2 want to read this novel but i cant….
    and the others that translate this novel can only translate 1 once a week ..
    really2 cant wait 😦 😦 still in chapter 67 after a long time of waiting……………. 😦


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